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This guest post was sent in by Victoria, one of our friends from the UK.  Enjoy!

Good Looking Mothers: Mummy DIY Hairstyles

When you become a mother, vanity and glamour take a back seat and yet, despite being sleep deprived and having to deal with an even bigger pile of things to do.  Every mother is first concerned about their children and they’d put their children’s needs above their own aesthetic ambitions.  But one can be a mother as well as look beautiful at the same time. There are a few simple ideas and hairstyles that can be used to make mothers achieve what they rightfully deserve, a cool look for the coolest people.

Here are a few hairstyles for mothers to choose from, all easy to do and none require too much effort.

  • The Sexy Pixie – short haircut

Pregnancies and children can cause a lot of shedding and a lot of uncontrollable baby hair post pregnancy.  An unmanageable bunch of hair can always dampen mood and confidence, both of which are essential for a woman to tackle motherhood.  The Pixie cut may appear to be very short but pixie fans around the world will support that the look is indeed trendy and versatile.  A little amount of product such as hairspray or pomade can be used to style hair by parting it to the side or making experimental faux hawks and other out of bed looks.  Who says mothers have to be boring?

One should also be aware that the pixie is a radical cut and requires sacrificing long hair.

  • Buns and Tress Twisting

Buns, either low or high, are perfect and simple hairstyles which are easy to do and can be made without any hassles.  For those who do not want to cut their hair, this is the perfect solution.  If hair has thinned due to shedding and has lost its volume, a sock bun can be used to create the illusion of a voluminous bun in a few quick moments.  Twists are a classy solution to and they can help mothers get through the day without having them thinking about washing their hair in between meals and buying groceries and one does not even need to have long hair to try twists.

Even though these are simple styles, they do require a bit of skill and understanding of how hair goes around, though these are pretty easy to master.  The roots should be strengthened and root booster can be applied to increase volume.  One can also choose the low-bun, chignon or non-sticky styling pomades in case thin hair keeps one from having a sleek style.  A small make up bad with a small can of hairspray and some bobby pins and a Harigami and hairdresser supplies at will make one quite ready for any hair eventuality.

  • Braiding

Another great way of styling hair is to choose from a variety of braided hair styles.  If children love to pull hair and play with them, then a milkmaid braid can do wonders to keep hair in place.  Bangs can also be braided to create a new impression which can last for a few days.  Hair can be parted at the center and braided.  Or a small section could be twisted to show a Game of Thrones inspired look.  Buns and ponytails can also be braided and coiled to give a really elegant look.

Braided hairstyles and techniques can be different from usual styles and may confuse one, but they provide fresh options which can be done even while being busy and being unwilling to commit to a specific style.

Mothers need to have style, it’s a symbol of the importance and there are many easy tips that one can easily pick up such as showering at night, or not choosing to wash hair every day.  It is good for hair, saves water, saves product and saves time.  It is also very important to learn to French braid, there are tutorials which can help get the method corrected in a few moments.

 Author Bio:

Victoria H is a senior Fashion Buyer for some of the UK’s largest brands and works for CoolBlades who offer affordable hairdressing and beauty salon supplies.  The fashion needs of a mother is something she is familiar with and she offers her own personal tips to those who find the strain of motherhood not letting them look as good as they should, or those who simply want another idea or a fresh perspective.

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