Motivational Weight Loss Tips

Do you need to lose a few pounds?  Have you decided how you are going to go about this?  I have always watched my weight off and on, but due to an extensive knee surgery in May of 2012, it is now more important than ever that I control my weight.  The added weight on my knee could cause me to need surgery on the other knee which I DO NOT want!  The last surgery put me on a walker for a few weeks with a broken leg, then to crutches, rehabilitation and lots of personal training to teach me how to walk again.  Now I go to group fitness classes 5 days a week at the YMCA and am currently counting calories.

exercise class

Here’s a pic that I caught in the end of one of  my group classes.  Yes, I was taking a picture during crunches, but I’ve seen women texting while doing planks, leg lifts and even in the middle of lifting weights with a bar across their shoulders.

Success…. I have lost 21 pounds and can run, hop and skip.  That may sound silly, but after my surgery, I was afraid to cross the street because I was so slow that I could easily get ran over and I couldn’t even walk in the grass or textured surfaces.  I was scared for my safety. If I were to be approached by someone or attacked, how was I going to get away?  Would I be able to fight back?  At that time, no I wouldn’t have been able to fight back, my plan was to sit down and hope the “bad guy” would leave me on the ground.  Now, I can run away, fight back and stand my ground.  I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been.  I can lift weights, do “man” push ups and totally “tear up” the crunches.  Yes, I am so proud of myself and will never forget the fear that came from not being able to walk, so with that said, I HAVE to continue to strengthen my body and watch my food intake.

Here’s a few tips to get started with successful weight loss:

1.  Find an exercise that you like and make sure that you do it at least 3 days a week when you first start.  The more exercise you get in, the quicker you will see results, but if you have issues that keep you from extensive exercising, then be as active as your body allows, safety first!

2.  If you are a sweet eater, find low calorie sweets that satisfy you.  My favorite low calorie food is SkinnyPop popcorn.  It is only 39 calories per cup, so I eat it out of a measuring cup when I have a craving.

3.  I also like small rice crispy treats, Unreal candy bars, Skinny Cow products, 90 calorie Fiber One bars, trail mix, sugar free candy, etc.

4. Check the calories to the foods you currently buy.  When I first started watching calories, I had to chance many brands such as my bread, butter, jam, and snacks.

5.  Drink water throughout the day, even if you need to mix in flavor with it.  Today I added grape flavor to my 33.8 oz water bottle and will drink it throughout the day until it is gone.

6.  Mix up some sugar free jello for a great snack and try some metabolism tea.  The tea gives me a “full” feeling and is great for when it is chilly in the house.  Just watch the sweetener that you choose, there are many 0 calorie ones available.

7.  When visiting a restaurant, ask for a nutrition guide.  Make yourself eat from the low calorie menu, even if you really don’t want to.  Remember, salads aren’t always that low fat.  You’ll be glad you did once you have left the restaurant and have had time to think about the calories that you saved yourself.

8.  Get a kitchen scale for measuring / weighing foods.

9.  Get a scale for yourself so that you can monitor your weight.  They even have scales that figure your body fat percentage.

10.  Write down your weight and the date you weighed.

11. Be accountable and tell your friends and family that you are on a mission to burn off a few pounds.  Find someone that you feel comfortable with and give them your weekly weigh in number, it will make you feel guilty to cheat if you know they are watching.  Make a goal and go for it!

If you have any questions, please ask.  I strongly believe that we should all take better care of ourselves and am here to help.


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    1. It is crazy, but these women are hard core. They keep their planks up the whole time and just keep on going on their phones. Who knows, maybe it takes their minds off their pain!

  1. I like the metabolism tea and jello ideas. It’s hard to get the weight down. There are so many temptations and there’s not always time to eat healthy. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  2. Congrats on losing 21lbs! Awesome! I need to start working out regularly again. I always go on spurts and then just stop. It’s SO HARD to start over again!! Theses are great tips!!

  3. It is so motivating to read posts about successful weight loss journeys. I am happy you found the strength to stick with the goal all the way. Your tips are really helpful, some new things i didn’t realized were even available, but i will sure try those. Thank You!

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