Make Room, Organize Your Closet


Guess what I have been doing?  I am working on my New Year’s Resolution.   Today I hauled out 3 more bags of clothing to be donated.  I quickly went through my son’s and husband’s tee shirt drawers, then moved on to the clothing in the closet.  Yes, I am a pack rat, but at least I can admit it.  Cleaning out all my unnecessary items will be hard on me so it is best if I do it a little at a time so it doesn’t feel like I am parting with too many things at once.

Now, I am going to give you a quick peek into my closet.  My closet is a huge unorganized mess.  I had gained weight and got irritated at myself for not being to fit in my clothing.  I can remember trying it on, tossing it in the floor and so on.  Now I’ve lost the extra pounds and I have started going back through the pile of clothes in my closet.  My closet is so full of clothing that it is hard to hang everything up, so I ran through my hanging clothing and found some items that I could part with.  Let me tell you how much of a pack rat I am:  I used to teach school before my 13 year old son was born, and I still have some of the outfits that I wore to work.  I know it, those are outdated, but what if I were to need them for something one day?  When I had surgery, I needed the large comfortable skirts to cover my leg brace and because of my “hording” I had them:)  I know what you are thinking – “Just get rid of them!”  My neighbor would toss them out herself if she knew they were still in my closet.  She likes to stay on top of the latest fashions and my teaching skirts are definitely not in style anymore, but if I wait, they may be again someday.

Enough about my hording issues, here’s your peek:


All of the boxes on the shelves are labeled with different sizes for both my husband and I.  They are also organized by seasons.  After going through my closets, I believe that I must have stopped changing out my seasonal clothing awhile back.  I need to pull down each of those boxes and go through them and throw my summer clothing in there as well.  After seeing my closet, you know that I have lots to do, but again, a few bags at a time and I’ll slowly get there.

When is the last time you cleaned out your drawers and closets?

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