Rat In Guest Room Wall!

Well, you’ve guessed it!  I have a dead mouse or rat in my guest room wall, so for now, the door will remain closed.  The exterminator found a place in the side of our home where mice / rats have been chewing around the foam that covers the lines that run to the air conditioner.  It had been so much colder awhile back than it normal is at our house, so these mice just needed to find a way inside and out of the cold.  Who knows what happened to them once they got inside, but at least they are in my guest room walls and not in one of the rooms that we use because it smells horrific!  The exterminator told us that it generally takes about 3 weeks for this smell to subside, let’s hope so!

mice mess

This sounds horrible, but we live in front of a greenbelt that is the home for all animals from deer to fox.  Last June, we even had a opossum get inside our kitchen wall.  We found him later as he began to smell up the whole house!  You can read more about that in my post called:  DIY Opossum Removal.


Here’s what he looked like when my husband pulled him out of our wall.  I sure didn’t expect to find anything that big inside, did you?

Now back to my guest room issue.  I guess this is a good way to deter off guests because there is NO way that anyone would want to sleep in there right now.  Once the smell is gone, I am going to strip down the bed and wash everything.  I would air out the room now, but it is too cold to leave the windows up for long and I sure don’t want that smell making its’ way out into the other part of the house.  So for now, we’ll just keep the door shut and hope for the best!

Have you ever had any critters caught in your walls?  If so, what kind of critters were they and how did you get them out?


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  1. My mouth is still open in shock! That is HUGE! We had a mouse problem about 10 years ago when our house was in a new community. It was a nightmare. We’d be watching TV and we’d see one run across the floor. UGH! I don’t know what I’d do if this crawled across the floor. I think I’d have a heart attach. lol

    1. Thank goodness I didn’t see it run across my floor, but hopefully the dog would have went after it if it did…… Can you imagine finding this thing in bed with you?

    1. The possum came from the breeze way that runs from the garage to the house. It was bad enough to make you gag and when you opened the kitchen cabinets, the smell was worse…YUCK – but now we can laugh about it!

  2. That is just awful. I really do feel for you. Two years ago, I had a 500 strong bat colony in the attic. I still have nightmares about it.

  3. Oh my goodness, we struggled with a mouse in our kitchen for months and months, that thing was so smart, it would push the traps away. Hubby was afraid to put out any poison because he didn’t want it to do what yours did… LOL…

    1. We didn’t have any poison, I don’t know what happened there! BUT, he is there now and will just have to stay. We don’t know what wall he is in and we sure don’t want to start tearing into the walls to find him.

  4. It’s amazing what an determined animal can do. But I think you’re right about the guest room. Better wait and then wash it really well. Maybe it’ll get a bit warmer there and you can air the room.

  5. One time my grandmother had a rat die in her wall in the ONLY bathroom in the house. We had no choice but to go in that room and it was soooo stinky for days! I remember trying to hold my breath every time I had to go to the bathroom. That possum your husband is holding is huge! I’m glad you got that carcass out before it made a big stink.

  6. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you had a Possum in your wall! That thing is huge. They are so mean too. Rats are pretty gross too though. I am so glad you were able to find where the smell was coming from. Hopefully the stink will be gone soon and you’ll be done with animals in your walls for a very long time!

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