Store Passwords In An Address Book


Save your passwords in an address book.  If you are like me, then you have more than just a handful of passwords that you use online.  I have passwords for all the bills I pay online, as well as social media passwords, email passwords, passwords to my favorite photo management sites, etc.

It would be easier to use the same passwords for as many log ins as possible, but if anyone ever figured out your password, then they would have access to everything.  Wouldn’t it be horrible if someone had your password to your online banking site?  Depending on who had your password, you could be in a world of trouble!

It is also best to update your passwords at least every six months to keep your accounts secure and your passwords safe from professional hackers.  Don’t use obvious passwords like “password,” 12345 or the name of your bank when you are making a password for your banking site.

Once you set up a new password make sure to write it down before you move on to something else.  I have an address book that I use for all my passwords.  When I update a password, I make sure to update it in my address book.  When I pay bills, I use my address book to look up all the passwords to my different accounts.

Once you have your address book set up, make sure to keep it in a safe hiding place.  Don’t make it obvious what this book is for, be sure not to write “Password Book” on the front cover.  You can pick up a cute book that says something like telephone directory or addresses on the front.   I have used a regular notebook in the past, but have found that once you have multiple passwords, it is definitely easier to locate them quicker if they are in alphabetical order.  The pages in the address books are also very durable compared to a normal notebook.  I have had the same password book for 9 years now and it still has lots of life left in it.  Buy yourself an address book and start transferring your passwords to it today, you’ll love the organization once you are done.  It will take you a while to get all your passwords listed, but the finished product is well worth the time spent putting it together.

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