6 Ways to Use Instagram in Your Social Marketing Campaign

Instagram is a fairly new social media that is taking marketing to a whole new level.    If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, it is a photo and photo sharing app that is available for free on Itunes and Google Play.  Instagram is very easy to use and you can even use the app to edit your photos to make them ascetically pleasing to the eye.  If you aren’t currently using Instagram, I highly recommend adding this social networking tool to your social media marketing plan.

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Instagram Allows Companies or Brands to Add Personal Touches that Other Social Media Applications Lack

Instagram makes taking and editing your photos easy, even for a beginner.  Instagram became popular because it was built on the mobile phone platform.  Smart phone users are on the rise and there are a ton of people who solely use their smartphone to connect to social media, play games, surf the web, and take and share photos and videos.  Bloggers started utilizing Instagram by taking pictures of products, great food, nature scenes, trips to events, and even their personal family members and friends.  They can share these items when they receive them in the mail before writing a review.  When marketers think of their blog or business, they often focus on using high quality photos and often forget to add a personal touch.  Your Instagram account can easily be used to share the personal side of your business.

How Can You Use Instagram to Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

If you are running a business, don’t worry you can still use Instagram to help add a personal touch to for your brand or business.  For example, you can take photos of the actual day to day work, share photos of the employees, take photos of company luncheons/parties, or add photos of your team meetings.  These are just a few examples, the possibilities are endless when you get creative.  Don’t forget that Instagram also allows you to capture and share videos too.  These personal touches can go a long way and all customers to see how your business is run.

Connect and Share Photos With Other People and Businesses Around the World

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media website and brands are catching on quickly.   With millions of people on Instagram, you are likely to meet and share your brand name with more people.  People are constantly adding new photos and videos using the Instagram application, in fact, on average millions of photos are added each day.  To gain a good following on Instagram, be generous and comment, like, and follow other users.

Instagram Allows You to Share Photos and Videos to Other Social Media Platforms

When you set up your Instagram account, you have the option to connect Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr, and Foursquare.  Connecting your social media accounts will allow you to share your photos to the other social media platforms quickly and easily.  When you are adding a new photo or video, simply click on the social media icon and it will turn blue.  Once your post your photo to Instagram, it will automatically share it to your social media platforms that you selected.


Tagging People Using Instagram

Instagram makes it easy to tag people so that you can share a photo or video with friends, other users on Instagram, or brands.  For example, if you are sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop and took a photo of your drink.  You can tag Starbucks when you add your photo.  To add a tag, simply tap add tag on your sharing screen.  Locate the person or object that you want to tag in your photo and simple start typing their name or Instagram username.  If you are unable to find the person or brand that you are looking for then click on the search option.  When you tag an Instagram user, it immediately notifies them.  Unlike Facebook, only you can tag people in your photos or videos so you maintain control and privacy over the photos shared.

Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags in Your Description

Don’t forget to add hashtags to the photos and videos that you are sharing on Instagram.  Hashtags are similar to keywords.  Adding hashtags to your Instagram photos or videos makes your posts searchable in the search engines.  For example, if you are using #XYZCompany hashtag on your posts, people can type in #XYZCompany into the search engine and it will display all the results for a particular hashtag.  If you are a brand or a business, I highly recommend registering your very own hashtag for your company or brand.  Registering for your own hashtag won’t prevent other people from using from using your hashtag.  Registering a hashtag is fairly simple and easy to do as long as your have a Twitter or G+ account.  Simply go to Twubs or hashtags.org to register for your own hashtag.  Once you have registered your company’s hashtag, make sure that you add it to all of your posts and direct your users to use it when talking about your company or products.  Once you register your on hashtag, you can also use it to help you monitor what other people are saying about your brand or company.  If you plan on using hashtags, it is best to limit it to 3 or 4.

If you have started using Instagram, I highly recommend that you start using this social media tool as part of your social media marketing plan.  Instagram is an easy photo and video sharing application for your smartphone, even if you are beginner.  Editing your photos has never been easier and you can make your photos look very professional looking.

 Photo Credits: ilovegraffiti.de and finedininglovers.com

Author Bio:  Christy Garrett is married to her best friend and has three children.  She enjoys spending time helping others, learning about social media, spending time with her kids.  When she isn’t busy with the kids, she enjoys writing and sharing her experiences with others especially parents.


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  1. I decided to add instagram to my platform for 2014. I just created my profile on my computer and am lost. Can’t figure out what badges mean or how to get my pgoto in. Havent ried from phone. I hate learning new platforms which is why I stick with FB and Pinterest. So frustrating and time consuming.

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    1. You can learn Instagram easily by following others and watching as they post. Check out their hashtags and the keep in mind the types of pics that catch your eye as you browse your Instagram feed.

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