What Type Of Cookies Did You Leave Santa?

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Do you have all your Christmas Decorations taken down yet?  This was definitely a job that I was not looking forward to, but luckily my kids wanted to help so we got everything put back in its’ place in the attic last week while they were still out of school for the holidays. Thank you goodness they helped, we have two trees, which I love to look at, but which I hate to drag up the ladder to the attic.

Now that Christmas is over, an all our holiday treats have been eaten or tossed out, I was thinking about our Christmas Eve tradition of leaving a tray of cookies and a Diet Mountain Dew for Santa.  Do you always leave Santa the same type of cookies?  My kids like to decorate cut out sugar cookies for Santa each year.    Below you’ll find the top 7  types of cookies that are left for Santa each year.  Is your cookie choice on the list?

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Top 7  cookies left for Santa 

Everyone who celebrates Christmas knows that Santa Claus loves cookies.  Good kids like thanking Santa by preparing and leaving out his favorite treat, and naughty kids might use it as a bribe to get better gifts.  Despite the reason, cookies have been left out for decades. Which cookies are the most popular?  There are dozens of cookie recipes, but only a few are commonly used for Christmas.

Oreo Cookies
Many people bake their own cookies for Santa, but it’s been shown that the most popular type of cookie for Christmas Eve night is the Oreo.  While some people use similar sandwich cookies from other brands, the official Oreo cookie currently stands as the most popular cookie for Santa.  There are many different types of Oreos, such as peanut butter and extra cream, but the best one for Santa is the original Oreo.

If you’re too busy to cook, or if you just don’t like using the oven, then leaving out a plate of Oreos will keep Santa happy.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Often considered the standard for Santa, this is definitely the most popular cookie that is freshly baked for Christmas Eve.  The best ones are often chewy and soft with lots of chocolate chips, but some people prefer to leave crispier ones.  Santa doesn’t care which one you leave, just make sure to put in lots of chocolate.

Gingerbread Cookies
Many people make gingerbread houses and trees during the Christmas season, but it also serves as one of the more popular types of cookies for Santa.  Not only that, but it’s a little more traditional as well since gingerbread cookies are much older than chocolate chip cookies or Oreos.  In fact, gingerbread cookies were incredibly popular when Santa made his first deliveries.

Many people like making gingerbread men, but you can also make them into the shape of trees, houses, snowflakes or anything else.  They’re great with spices, but don’t use too much clove. It could numb the tongue.

Sugar Cookies
This is another classic recipe that has been around for a long time, and it’s surely a favorite of Santa.  Sugar cookies have a sweet, fresh flavor that’s perfect for those who’ve had too much chocolate.  While gingerbread cookies come in a variety of shapes, most cookie cutters are made for sugar cookies.

You can improve their flavor by adding lemon zest to the mix, and placing some powdered sugar on the top is always a great way to make these cookies taste even better.  At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with the basic sugar cookie.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
While some kids cringe at the thought of eating oatmeal or raisins, a good oatmeal raisin cookie is soft, chewy and particularly sweet.  Santa loves these cookies, and the extra fiber ensures that he has enough energy to make it to each house without being exhausted.  Just make sure that you use enough sugar and butter.  Using too little will make the cookies hard.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Who doesn’t love peanut butter, unless you have someone with peanut allergies in your home.  It adds a great taste to just about anything, and cookies are no exception.  Peanut butter cookies are fluffy and delicious, and they are fairly easy to make.  Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about using lots of sugar because the peanut butter will give the cookies lots of flavor.

Most people flatten these cookies with the tines of a fork to give them a distinctive design, but there’s nothing wrong with just baking the cookies and leaving them out for Santa. He’ll love them either way.

Linzer Cookies
Linzer cookies are a little harder to make than standard cookies, but they taste amazing.  These cookies feature jelly sandwiched between two thin butter cookies.  The jam has to be properly prepared with sugar so that it’s hard enough to stay between the cookies, and the cookies can be a little finicky.  At the same time, the results are delicious and great for Santa.

While there are many popular cookies for Santa, you can leave whatever you want.  He’s sure to love them.  Just make sure that they taste good because everyone else will dig in after Santa is finished, if he gets too full to eat them all.

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