Is Your Wireless Internet Connection Slowing Down?


For the last two weeks, our wireless internet connection has drastically slowed down.  I called in the cable company and they checked our lines and ran an internet speed test (well, actually, several tests).  They believe that my personal wireless router has undergone an update which has caused everything to run too slow.  They said that my router just can’t pull enough juice to power all my wireless gear in our house.  Do you have many wireless gadgets streaming from your wireless router?

We currently have:

  • wireless printer
  • 3 smartphones
  • iPod
  • 2 iPads
  • 3 laptops

If your wireless internet connection seems to be bogged down, make a list of the wireless gadgets in your home.  Maybe it is time for a wireless router upgrade in your house too.  The cable company suggested a router that would work well for me.  He said it would definitely have a greater ranger and would be able to pull several wireless gadgets without a lag in service.  Now I am barely able to get online and am waiting for this router to be shipped to me.  Unfortunately this router is unavailable in stores, or else I would have picked it up by now.  So for now, I am working from my wi fi card until my wireless router gets here.

If you are connected directly to your internet without the use of a wireless router, you could also be in need of an upgraded internet router from your internet provider.  This has also happened to me, you can read about that internet connection issue and how it was resolved in “Does Your Internet Speed Need A Boost?

I love all my wireless gadgets, but sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have purchased the wireless printer.  It is great because everyone can use the same printer without needing to be connected to it.  My son can even do his homework upstairs in his room and print items off the downstairs printer, but when your internet connection has problems, or even intermittent signals, then I cannot use my printer or scanner.  This can be a huge problem, and for this reason, my next printer will also have a an option to connect directly to my computer so I am not out of a printer when I have internet problems.

Are you happy with your internet connection speed ?  Do you feel like it could be a little faster?  If so, give your internet provider a call and ask if they could see if your hardware is up to date.

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