First Week With Hamster – Nerve Wrecking


Ever since Bobby’s first grade class got a class hamster, he has wanted one so bad!  We saw this as a great opportunity to use this “want” as a reading incentive.  He really doesn’t like to read and needs to excel in reading, so we said he could get a hamster once he could show improvement in his reading.  Before you know it, he was reading books by himself in his room and working very hard to read higher level books.

After we could see that he was really determined to work on his reading, we took him to the store and we came home with a teddy bear hamster, a hamster cage and accessories. The teddy bear hamster came in a thin cardboard box and before I could get the hamster cage assembled, she had already eaten a hole through it and was about to escape.

hamster box

The hamster cage box was nearby so we placed her box inside the thick hamster cage box until I could get the hamster cage assembled.  The first few days with Bobby’s teddy bear  hamster Stripe, were nerve wrecking.  Neighbor kids all wanted to pick her up and carry her and the pet store said to leave her alone for the first 48 hours and let her get accustomed to her home before adding any extra stress.  Of course the kids didn’t want to hear that and had their hands all over her the minute I left the room or turned my head.  The first day that we had him, I went to check the cage before going to bed and the top door was unlatched, thank Goodness Stripe hadn’t started climbing yet.

Dakota and Stripe

The very next day, Bobby wakes me up very early to tell me that his teddy bear hamster was gone from the cage.  All I could think about was how long our dog had been upstairs that morning.  As I was sitting in Bobby’s bedroom floor trying to figure out how to find this untamed hamster, Bobby realized that the hamster was just hiding and was inside the blue tubes where we couldn’t see her – thank you goodness!

Before we could have her for a solid week, Bobby and his friend decided to let her run free in his room since she was slow and would be easy to catch.  Before they  knew it, Stripe had found a small hole under Bobby’s bathroom cabinet and escaped into our wall!

hamster trap

Bobby came running downstairs crying and telling me about the hamster.  We only had a few minutes before we had to leave for Tae Kwon Do class so we built a trap so that if she were to come out of the wall, she wouldn’t be able to get loose in our house.  My biggest fear was that Dakota would find her and eat her before we knew that she had come back out of our wall.

Luckily, she decided to come out and Travis saw her and got her back into her cage.  Bobby was so glad that Stripe came back, and so was I.  It would have been horrible for Stripe to have died in Bobby’s wall.  Recently we had a rat get stuck inside our wall and die. Once we figured out where the smell was coming from, it took forever before the smell could be cleared out of the room.

Have you had any hamster experiences?  We’ve only had Stripe for a week, but I bet we’ve got many more wild hamster experiences in store for us.  What do you think?



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