Guest Post: Goodbye Fast Food, 10 Quick Healthy Meal Ideas


Enjoy this guest post that was sent to me by one of my UK buddies.  Check out the food selection, are these meals ones that are frequently whipped up in your kitchen?

One of the keys to healthy eating is to try to minimize the amount of take out food that you pick up during the week.  Delicious as they are, curries, pizzas and hamburgers are normally rammed with bad calories – fine as an occasional treat, but best to be avoided regularly.  There is a huge range of tasty and healthy recipes available to read online – the Kraft website has several – and, better still, they are meals that can be easily whipped up in half the time it takes for a typical take out to arrive.

Spaghetti Bolognese
A classic Spaghetti Bolognese remains an absolute delight, and when using fresh ingredients can comfortably be knocked up within half an hour.  Throw a few veggies in, and you’ve also got a good half of your five a day already.

Chili and sweet potato wedges
Everyone loves a chili, whether it’s based around meat or vegetables.  However, we’re going a bit off base by recommending sweet potato wedges rather than rice: smear these with olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper, then stick them in the oven for half an hour.

Fact: it’s possible to whip up a curry at home in less time than it takes to order one, and it’ll be far better for you.  Worried about the sauce not having time to thicken?  Worry not, your secret weapon is re-fried beans: ideal for thickening sauces quickly without impacting the flavor.

Toasted cheese sandwiches and bacon
If you absolutely must have a carb fest, why not save yourself the money you’ll spend on a pizza, and go with a classic toasted cheese sandwich?  You can add flavor by throwing in some bacon, ham, pepperoni, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  Where possible, use brown bread: it’s far better for you.

Fried rice and beans
This is cheap, and can be ready quickly.  Boil some rice, and then chuck it in a hot pan with olive oil, chopped onion, kidney beans and a spice or flavoring of your choice.  This is also a great pre-workout meal, offering all the energy needed.

Homemade burgers
Another fun fact: for the money you just spent at the burger joint, you could make at least four home-made burgers, and they’ll be much better for you.  Buy a small packet of fresh mince, and then mix the meat together with fried onion and an egg to bind it all.  Stick on the grill or in the oven for 20 minutes. Cover in your favorite sauce  or throw on the cheese and enjoy.


Again, a great warming carb meal for when you don’t really want to cook.  Whip up a speedy cheese sauce, quick cook pasta and a couple of slices of quality bacon and you’re done.   Ideal for those who aren’t so keen on tomato-based sauces.

Gloriously quick to cook, and very healthy.  A pre-packed stir-fry veg mix can be bought from the supermarket. Cook it with some sliced beef or chicken and a spice mix of your own choosing, and a little over ten minutes later you’ve got a full meal.  Add noodles in the pan if you’re extra hungry.

Fry up some mince, onion and peppers in a spicy tomato sauce, and then fold into the tortilla wraps.  If you’ve got an extra ten minutes, you can even add some grilled cheese to the top – again, not too often!

Corn beef hash with sweet potato
This is another recipe that’s as easy to make.  Simply boil up and mash some sweet potatoes in much the same way you would standard mash.  Then, simply throw in some standard corned beef mixed with a bit of gravy: both warming and delicious!

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