Perfect “Healthy, Low Fat” Gift For Females

trail mix

Think about it, most occasions bring food to mind:  Valentine’s Day – chocolates, Easter – Easter basket candy, Halloween – candy, Christmas – holiday deserts, Thanksgiving – huge meal and holiday deserts, etc.  I like to give gifts and often times, the recipients are trying to stay in control of their eating and would rather not have the temptation of a box of chocolates.  Same goes with me, I love treats, but it is best that I get the low fat ones because I will eat them all!

With this in mind, I have found the perfect combination for a gift bag that would be great for any female. I say that, because my husband doesn’t like to eat the small pieces of trail mix and he would not like this gift at all.  If I were to receive this gift, I will be thrilled, would you?  As a teacher, I got tons of candy around the holidays from my students and I never let one piece go to waste, but eating all that chocolate added extra pounds that I really didn’t need.  My son has inspired this “gift bag idea,” because he is always talking about how his teacher is watching her food intake and doesn’t need to eat the high calorie foods right now.  She is an excellent teacher and goes out of her way to take care of the kids in her class.  I think this gift idea would be a great “just because gift” for her.  After all, everyone likes surprises every now and then.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 bag of your favorite low calorie trail mix
  • 1/4 measuring scoop (Match your measuring scoop size to the serving size of your trail mix)
  • 1 box of snack sized “ziploc” bags

I added the snack bags to the gift because it is very helpful to portion trail mix out in snack bags in order to keep yourself on track with portion size.  If I don’t use snack bags or little bowls, I will allow myself to eat way more than the recommended 1/4 serving size.  I am counting calories, so I have to watch my portions.  I like to portion out a few bags and have them on hand for a quick snack.  This particular bag of trail mix came from Kroger, and it is my favorite because it has the M&M pieces in it.  Sometimes, I just need chocolate, do you?



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