Love Walgreens? Get Their App

Do you know that Walgreen’s now has an app that allows you to have pictures sent directly from your cell phone to their photo department for quick prints?  My son was Star Student of the week and as always, we were running behind.  We cut the project rather close and had one last night to get pictures that he needed for his student of the week poster.  We needed a baby picture, and several other pictures of him doing activities that he loved.  Since we didn’t have much time, I figured we’d scroll through my cell phone pictures and even take a few last minute pictures if we needed, then I’d download the pictures onto the computer and order prints through the Walgreen’s website.

We were able to find great pictures from my cell phone pics and I had a baby photo collage of Bobby that could be used for the baby picture that he needed for his poster.  I just took a picture of one of his baby photos using my cell phone and it worked like a charm.  No need to take the collage or photo album apart in order to scan the picture.  Don’t you love smart phones?  I use my every day and would be “lost” without it.

Bobby hamster tubBobby and His New Hamster Stripe

Once I had all the images on my phone that Bobby needed for his project, I went to  and saw where they mentioned their new photo app for cell phone prints.  This saved me SO much time and was very simple to use.  If you have a Walgreens near, I’d highly recommend that you get this app downloaded on your phone now.  There have been several times when I have needed quick prints and I could have ordered those prints from anywhere instead of having to wait until I could get to the computer to make my order.

Now that I am writing this post, I see that there are many more services offered through the Walgreen’s App besides the photo service.  When I downloaded this app, I was in such a hurry to order my prints that I didn’t pay attention to the other features.  This app even allows you to refill your prescriptions by scanning your refill bottles which I am definitely going to check out because their phone refill reminder service does not work for me.

This app has options for:

  • Pharmacy
  • Store Locator
  • Weekly Ad & Coupons
  • Scanner
  • Pill Reminder
  • Rewards
  • Shopping List
  • Heathcare Clinic
  • Steps – earn rewards for fitness
  • Pharmacy Chat
  • Photos
  • Refill By Scan

If you are busy right now, download it on your phone and check it out the next time you are sitting somewhere, have your phone with you and need something to do.

When do you “play” on your phone the most?  Is it when you are waiting around for an appointment, etc. or at night time while relaxing in front of the television?

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