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Do you have spare house keys hidden outside your home in case you should ever get locked out?  I thought I was prepared, I have house keys on all our key rings and keys in both the boy’s backpacks and one outside in case we were locked out of the house.  I was gone from home and a trust worthy neighbor needed to pick up something so I told her where to find my key so she could get inside the house.  She was able to get inside, but she forgot to put my house key back where she found it.

Later that night, while we were driving a rental car, our son walked out the back door and locked it behind him.  Since we were in a rental car, we didn’t have our key ring, which meant that we also didn’t have our house key either.  It was after 8 pm, cold and we couldn’t get inside the house.  My husband was ready to break a window once we realized that the neighbor had left our only spare house key inside the house.  Before breaking a window, I wanted to try to get inside one of the second story windows that I thought may have still been unlocked from earlier that day.  That meant dragging out the very long, very heavy ladder and holding in place for my husband while he climbed the ladder, fumbled with the window and was finally able to get inside the house without breaking a thing.


From now on, I will have two spare keys hidden and will do my best to make sure that the key is always returned to its’ hiding space immediately after it has been used.  Sometimes this tactic doesn’t work, as was the case with my neighbor.  No one was here to remind her to put it back where she found it and it was our family that had to pay the price on that dark, cold night.  Mistakes should be used as learning experiences and this mistake is not one that I’d like to learn from again.

How many spare keys do you have planted around your home?  Do you always put them back in their hiding spots immediately after using them?

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  1. I have one hidden outside but I have one given to my neighbor so that if that one is misplaced, I can get the extra from her. I’m really bad about locking myself out.

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