Pranks Can End Very Badly

My husband loves to relax and run through his Facebook thread while watching television after a long day at work.  Most of his FB thread comes from news channels, Monster Truck websites, sports websites and friends who love to share pictures and videos.  Every once in awhile he will come across a good video and will forward it to me or ask me if I’d like to watch it with him.    Earlier this week he found a horrible video, horrible because it is something that could honestly happen and it just makes you sick to think about this happening to someone.

I want to share the video with you, BUT it would be best if you waited until the kids aren’t around before you watch it because it could be very scary for them.

As I was looking for this video on YouTube, I came across this video on many channels that said that it could be fake.  This is a horrible thing to happen to someone so I hope it is fake.  The point is, there are many pranksters out there who need to see this video.  Pranks can be fun, but some pranks go too far.  This was definitely a prank that shouldn’t have been carried out.  Did the prankster ever stop to wonder if the woman carried any protection or how she would react?  What if she would have stayed and defended herself?  What if she would have stabbed him with a kitchen knife, thrown a pot of coffee on him, hit him with a heavy object or much worse?

I have a teenage son and I know that teens love to pull pranks.  He loves to sneak up behind me and grab me or say “Boo.”  I know he is just having fun, but I wanted him to watch this video with me.  Later on, I asked him if he wanted to see it again and he did not.  His pranks are all simple, and I always know he is coming or hiding before he tries to scare me, but you never know what a group of teenagers will dream up when they are together.

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