Tocomail Review: A Safe Email for Kids

Here at BlogWithMom, we were very excited to have the opportunity to review Tocomail email service for kids.  Tocomail is a definitely a company that provides parents with a sense of safety when giving their children an email account. As you can see in the video below, there are many pros when it comes to using Tocomail email service for your child! You can access Tocomail on iOS, Android and Web platforms.  The Tocomail App is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Tocomail email service is safe, kid-friendly and available on two different user interfaces based on your child’s age.   There is one interface created exclusively for young children from ages 5-8 and another interface created for older children, ages 8 and up. offers a subscription service, and prices can be as low as $2.99 and as high as $29.99.  You can also use their free service, but I suggest the paid subscription because there are many more features you and your child can take advantage of!

 The premium account includes parental control features. If your child receives an email from an unknown sender, an email with profanity or anything else that may be questionable, that email will sit in a quarantine box until you, the parent, approve the email and sends it to the child’s inbox.

 Children have the ability to insert pictures into their emails to others, as show below:


This is a very popular feature with Tocomail email service. They can also draw their own pictures to send to others – testing has proven that they really enjoy doing that! I don’t blame them! I would love to do that myself!

There are many features that come with the Drawing Board such as:

● Pencils

● Brushes

● Text entry

● Hundreds of cool stamps

● Hundreds of various backgrounds

● Different colors for background fill

● Camera and Gallery list tools allow photos to be added to the drawing

As a mother and a reviewer, I was very happy with my Tocomail experience.  After testing out their email service for kids, I feel very comfortable letting my children use this tool since I have parental controls over their inbox before they do.  As parents, safety is our #1 goal, and Tocomail has an excellent way of showing that with their company as well.    

Is your child at an age where they are requesting to have an email just like you?  My youngest is 7 and there are even a few children in his first grade class that have their own phones.  Bobby is at the age where he can write short letters and also send text.  He would be thrilled to be able to write his grandparents through his very own email account.  That would make him a “big” boy just like his older brother.  Do yourself a favor, before your child has the chance to ask you about setting up an email account for them, be sure to check out the kid friendly email services at so you’ll be prepared.

19 thoughts on “Tocomail Review: A Safe Email for Kids”

  1. my oldest hasn’t YET asked for email but she uses my phone to text and I knw the day is coming soon. i’ll totally look into this!

  2. The internet positively stresses me out when it comes to my kids and so I love when companies come out with things to keep them safer. Great idea!

  3. This is really good to have because I have noticed that my son actually NEEDS an e-mail for meny things already at age 11. It is also a lot of fun for them to stay in contact with and get e-mails from out of town family members. Thank goodness for this service.

    1. My son was just using his email from school this morning for a project. He is 13 and now the teachers ask him to email them with any questions and sometimes to even submit his homework to them through email.

  4. I like that this would allow kids to keep in touch with out of town family members or friends but that it still has parental controls. The internet can be a scary place and I love when companies help us keep our kids safer.

  5. Our kids have mail controlled through the school district in addition to mail on our personal server. My husband receives a copy of every message sent to the girls. For parents without these benefits, having a service like Tocomail would be ideal.

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