Get On Top Of Your Game: 7 #Workout Clothing Must Haves


Summer is on its’ way, time to beef up your workout!  In order to have the best possible workout, you need to have the right “tools.”  Sure you can hide your weight behind those oversize tee shirts, but in the long run, oversize clothing just gets in your way and “muffles” your workout.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down as I list the 7 top workout clothing must haves.  For me, these are very important “must have” tools for my gym workout.

  1. Hair Tieback – Depending on your hair style, you will need something to keep the hair off your neck and away from your face.  Whether you are just hot or leaning down for push-ups, keeping your hair out of your face is a must.
  2. Sports Bra – Depending on your chest size, some women need this more than others. Some need it for support, while others need it for coverage.  No one likes to show anything through their top while they are working out.  Depending on your size and workout activity, you may be able to wear a comfortable looser style, or you may need to wear a tighter fitting style.  I have different sports bra styles for different workouts.
  3. Well Fitting Workout Top –  For me, I choose tank tops year round.  Semi Fitted Shirts look best on me.  I prefer to wear “dry fit” in order to keep  sweat “pools” from showing that tend to stick to you and bring discomfort.  When choosing the perfect workout top for you, don’t get in a hurry.  There are so many different styles out there, take your time and find the style that compliments your figure instead of “settling.”  This will make a big difference in your confidence when it comes to wearing your workout clothing in front of others.
  4. Compression Pants – “Dry fit” Compression pants are my favorite!  It took awhile for me to be confident in wearing these, but once they grew on me, there was no going back.  They don’t get in your way while running or doing floor exercises and they feel great.  If you are a heavy sweater, then “dry fit” compression pants are a must because non “dry fit” compression pants will get wet and show any signs of sweat.  So if you sweat between your legs during a heavy workout in non “dry fit” compression pants, then it can appear as if you’ve wet your pants and no one wants that!
  5. Supportive Shoes –  It took me awhile to find the perfect pair of shoes, but once I found them, I have stuck with that particular shoe for my workouts.  Keep in mind the activities that you are going to be doing.  Will your shoes have enough traction for floor exercises such as planks and push-ups?  Will your shoes be slippery on wet surfaces?  Is there enough support in your shoes for running?  These are all factors you should keep in mind when purchasing shoes for your workout.
  6. Socks –  You also need comfortable socks.  Worn out socks with holes in them and oversize socks that belong to your significant other just don’t fit into this equation.  Your socks need to fit well in your shoes and be comfortable on your feet.
  7. Calorie and Step Counting Fitness Band – Totally optional, but I don’t go anywhere without it.  I have a Fitbit which counts my steps and workout activity without my having to wear a band on my chest.  The more calories I burn, the more calories I get to eat.  I log my food on the FitBit app and the band does the rest.  By the end of the night, I know how many calories I have left to eat, how many calories I burned throughout the day and how much water I drank for the day.

Keep in mind, in order to be successful at weight loss and toning your body, it takes a variety of different exercises and requires you to watch your food intake as well.  What is your current favorite workout activity?



21 thoughts on “Get On Top Of Your Game: 7 #Workout Clothing Must Haves”

    1. Thank you Michelle, I found those at Old Navy and couldn’t believe how nice their selections were. The prices were great, now I’ll have to see how well they wear.

  1. I never realized the importance of compression pants but that’s a good point. I second to all those awesome tips. Now all I need is to find the energy to drag my bottom off this chair and start a workout 🙂

    1. I workout first thing every morning after the kids get off to school. Once the workout is over, it is time for a shower and then on to sit in my computer chair until school is out.

  2. Love the post! I could really use some new workout clothes. Mine are a year or two old and have def been worn and sweated in one too many times! lol

    1. Yes, the Fitbit has definitely helped me shed additional pounds. Counting calories is working better than counting Weight Watchers points.

    1. There are some really cute long sleeve and short sleeve workout tops, I just get way too hot to use them. Check out the FitBit – I love it!

  3. A friend of mine has one of those fitbit bands that count her steps and it syncs up with myfitnesspal. I think I’m gonna have to check into that. I do have plenty of yoga pants, but I really need a good sports bra and well a general get off my butt fitness pln! 😉

    1. I love the fitbit. It comes with an app that is really easy to use. Let me know when you get the fitbit so we can connect and watch each other’s steps for motivation for the get off your butt fitness plan.

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