Car Care Maintenance Infographic

Know The Facts: When Does your Vehicle Need Maintenance?
Infographic courtesy of Colchin Automotive

When it comes to road safety, it is always best to bite the bullet and keep your vehicle maintenance up to date.  You would feel horrible if there was a major accident that may have been prevented if you had kept on track with your vehicle maintenance.

Even though I “preach” to stay on top of things, I know how easy it is to put these things off.  My life is so hectic that most of the time I am just trying to stay afloat with kids homework, school activities, my job, after school sports, etc.  My tire light was on in my van for 2 weeks before I finally made my needed appointment for my oil change.  I also needed new wiper inserts so I figured I’d wait until time for the oil change and get everything done at once since I figured my tire light was on because the temps had dropped and my tires were low on air.  After my van had been serviced, I was told that my tire light had been on because I had a nail in the sidewall and had a slow leak.  Just great!  I should have come in sooner, if I had been stranded with a flat tire I would have lost more of my time than I would have if I would have just had my tires checked out once the light popped on.

I learned my lesson with this one and will have my tires checked the next time  my tire light flashes on.  One time I had a flat tire in the cemetery and my son and I sat on a bench and had a picnic while we waited for the tire service to get to us.  Where is the last place you were stranded?  Could this occurrence have been prevented with maintenance?

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  1. Nice car maintenance infographics.. I do need to print out one for me.The best way to make sure your car is in good shape and last you a long time is to do some basic service checks between quarterly or scheduled maintenance.

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