DIY Flower Canvas Art – Great Spring Break Craft


Have some fun with your 2 Liter bottles before recycling them

This is a really fun craft and you get to recycle something before tossing it, which is great! If you like this craft enough, you can even keep the recycled item for the next time you do this!  With Spring Break here, this is a great time to get those “crafty juices” flowing.  It always helps to have activities planned for the kids to keep them from being bored and acting out over a long week away from school.  My boys love to paint, but when they participate, we stay away from pink and move towards the neon green, yellows and oranges.

The supplies needed for this DIY craft:

  • Square piece of wood
  • Sandpaper
  • White paint
  • Black or brown paint
  • Pink paint (or whatever color you want your flower to be)
  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle
  • Scissors

Let’s get started! Instructions:

1. Take your piece of wood and sand it down to make sure there are no chances of you or your child getting a splinter. You can even round out the edges if you prefer!

2. Paint your piece of wood white and let it dry. I would recommend two coats to make sure it’s completely white.

3. After your piece of wood has dried, you can decide if you want a black or brown tree trunk. Whatever you decide, go ahead and paint a tall line that has a few stems coming out from it (see picture).

4. Using the bottom of the 2-liter bottle, dip it in the pink (or whatever color you chose) paint and press it around the stem in various places to make your flower petals!

5. Let it dry, and find a place to hang it up. You’re done! You can even sign your name in the bottom corner so everyone knows how crafty you are!

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