Laundry Soap & Stain Stick Review

Disclosure:  I was given a bag of laundry soap and a stain stick from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.

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After reviewing bath and body products from, I was very eager to try their laundry soap and their stain stick.  The laundry soap is detergent free and comes in a cute cloth drawstring bag as seen above.  It is all natural and one bag can do up to 40 – 80 loads depending on how large your laundry loads tend to be.  A small load requires one scoop of detergent while a full size load will require 2 scoops of GrandmasPureAndNatural laundry soap.  Their laundry soap does NOT contain any dyes or fragrances and does WONDERS for your whites!!!  I tried it out on all types of laundry:  whites, colors with stains and regular loads of colored clothing.  As soon as I removed the whites from the dryer, I could see a huge difference from the detergent that I am currently using on my whites.  After this review, there will be no going back for me.  Anything that works this well on whites, deserves a special spot on my laundry shelf.

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As far as softening your clothing, suggests that you add 1/2 cup white vinegar in your final rinse cycle to soften your clothes and also keep your washer clean and free of soap build up.

grandmas stain stick

On to the stain stick test, above you will see a pillow case from a large pillow that I keep on our couch.  It looks as if spaghetti or pizza sauce made it’s way over here, but that is why I have these washable pillow cases.  This happens in my house, so no reason for me to get mad about these stains when I can easily wash the pillow cases.  For this stain, I decided to test out the stain stick, so I rubbed it on and threw it in the wash along with the GrandmasPureAndNatural laundry soap.  I made sure to check the pillow case before throwing it in the dryer and the stain was gone!

grandmas stain on shorts

Since the pillow case came out stain free, it was time to move on to larger stains.  Check out the light colored khaki shorts with the rubbed in mud stain.  I smeared the GrandmasPureAndNatural stain stick across the stain, washed it with their laundry soap and it worked!  This is why I am hooked, the stain stick is small and doesn’t take up much space and works like a dream!

Make sure and check out their products at  What products caught your eye?

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