Guest Post: 5 Tips to Become A Good Example To Your Children

Being a good role model to your kids is very important.  Whether you like it or not, you will become an example to your kids, be it in a good way or bad way.  Even if you choose not to be an example, by that of itself is still an example.  Thus, if you are going to become an example to your kids, then why not become a good example, right?  In this post, let us go through some of the best ways to become a good example to your kids.

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Start Early On

The truth is that being a good example does not start from the time you have kids, but it should have started way back when you are in grade school!  What you are in the past will affect you today and in the future. Your kids will eventually ask you about your childhood years, about your experiences when you are in college, and about who you are as a whole.  Thus, be the good person you would be proud of to tell your kids.

Be Available For Communication

The problem with many parents today is that they talk too much and listen too little.  Communication does not mean that you, as a parent, will do all the talking.  If you want to be a good example to your kids, you need to listen to their concerns, dreams, and ideas. Always listen to your child no matter how insignificant it is to you, because you never know that insignificant thing means a whole lot to him.

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Walk The Talk

It is not enough to just tell your kids that smoking is bad, while you are puffing your afternoon cigarette.  Being a good role model to your kids mean that you need to reinforce your teachings with actions.  Living up with what you preach will convince your kids that it is the proper way of life.  Your words and actions should complement each other and you need to be consistent.

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Spend Time With Your Kids

If you are not available to be a good model to your kids, they will most likely find other people to fill in that gap.  You don’t want your kids to imitate violence and bad attitude they see on TV; therefore, you need to make it a point to be with your kids as much as possible even if you hire a nanny.  Simple things like eating together, watching movies together, playing outside the house, fishing, and other things are priceless moments when you can become a good example to your kids.

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Teach Your Kid Good Behavior And Proper Conduct

You need to teach your child while he is still young and his character is malleable.  Pass on to your child values, principles, and high moral standards.  Tell them what would are the consequences of bad behavior and the importance of living their lives according to God’s law.  Teaching your kids the right way of life while you are living it at the same time is the BEST method of being a good example.

Seeking to be a good role model is a noble and benevolent cause.  With the right attitude, guide, and love, you can teach your kids on how to be productive and responsible citizen.

Author Bio:  Tania is a stay at home mom who is currently working to spread the importance of family structure and togetherness.  She enjoys spending time with her family and promoting healthy family fun activities.

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