How to Leverage a Product Review to Your Advantage

Brands are figuring out that they need to invest in other people to help them promote products and services using content marketing to out rank their competitors. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to own more real estate in the Search Engines. They are striving to take the number one placement in search engines. However, most companies are quickly learning that if they can take up all 10 places on a search engines results page then it makes their brand stand out to potential customers.  Are you currently using content marketing and product reviews from reputable bloggers to its full potential?

Create a Spreadsheet to Track Your Sponsored Reviews

Most writers will share a review on their social media properties but as time goes by they may not continue to promote your product. I highly recommend that you utilize a spreadsheet that includes:  the blog name, title of the post, and the direct link for the review. This spreadsheet will allow you to easily get to the review so that you can share it on your business social media accounts. Sharing reviews can increase your brand’s awareness, it can help increase your social signals, and drive more traffic to your website.


Add Value to Your Website by Creating a Testimonial Page and Use it to Your Advantage

If you don’t have a testimonial page, you should create one as soon as possible. A testimonial page can be very useful and it is a great way to share real customer’s feedback. Never add a fake testimonial to your website. If possible share the reviewer’s opinion on your testimonial page. Before adding a blurb or comment, always get permission from them even if you provided a free product or compensation for the review. Never post the full review on your blog. Always provide a link to the full review so that your customer’s can easily get to it.

Always Handle Negative Reviews in Private

If you have a post that is full of negative feedback, it is important that you acknowledge the issue and handle the resolutions in private. You never want to comment or respond in public; instead, contact the person directly via email or by telephone. This personal approach allows you the opportunity to discuss the problem and come up with a logical solution to the problem. Handling the situation in private gives the reviewer the opportunity to come back and explain to their readers how you handled the situation. Always take any negative feedback and use it positively to improve your product or service. If your company isn’t fully utilizing reviews that have been written for your product or service, you are wasting valuable resources that you could be using to your advantage. If you leave the review sitting dormant on someone else’s site then you are not making full use of all the time and money that went into creating the review content. By consistently syndicating the review content via social media and web 2.0 properties you can drastically increase your brands exposure.

Author Bio:  Christy Garrett is married to her best friend and has three children.  She enjoys spending time helping others, learning about social media, spending time with her kids.  When she isn’t busy with the kids, she enjoys writing and sharing her experiences with others especially parents.

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