How To Organize The Guest Room Without Actually Removing Everything

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Does your guest room look like this?  I wish mine did.  All my extra bins of stuff always find their way back to the guest room when there’s no sign of any upcoming visitors.  Do you dread having to clear out the guest room when friends or family come to stay with your for a while?  I have a few easy suggestions that won’t take long, and your guest room will be ready in no time!  The main things you need in that room are the bed, dresser, a place for the guest to put their shoes and personal items, and toiletries.

If you use the guest room for storage when no one is staying there like I do, you probably have some clutter.  Head to the nearest Walmart or Container Store and grab some lidded boxes or tubs and organize some of the extra stuff in them.  You can sit them against the wall or inside of the closet, if there is one available with open space.

While you are at Walmart (or wherever you choose to do your shopping), make sure to look for a small 3-tier rack with wheels on the bottom. They are slim enough to put against the wall and they won’t take up much space. Your guests can use that for their personal items, and you can sit some fresh linens and towels on it for them to use while they are there.

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Sometimes when your guests are traveling, they prefer to not carry large toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, or soap.  If you are like me, then you already have tons of personal sized toiletries that have collected from past hotel stays.  You can head to your local Dollar Tree and grab a circular woven basket or tray and sit it in the bathroom or on top of a side table/dresser in the guest room.  Fill the basket with travel size shampoo, conditioner, and some bar soap/body wash and a loofa.

My last tip is good lighting!  You don’t want your guests staying in a room where the lighting is dull and they feel like they are in the dark most of the time.  You can find tall floor lamps for around $10 in most stores that carry home accessories, and you can put this next to the bed for easy access!  Your room is now organized, cleaned up, and it has a “homey” feel to it! Your guests will definitely enjoy themselves.

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