Low-Cost Family Fun Ideas for Spring Break!


Spring Break can be REALLY expensive, especially if you are trying to take a family vacation!  There are a few options if you are trying to really save some money.  One of the best things a family can do together to bond is to take a road trip!  A great place to go is your state capitol.  There are usually a lot of interesting things to do and see!  For example, you can take a tour of the courthouse, go to some museums, check out the local park, etc.  You can also pack lunches if it will only be a day trip.  If it will be more than a day, make sure to do your research and print off some coupons for the local food places they have in that area!

Do you have a zoo nearby?  Zoos ALWAYS have activities for children, “meet and greet” opportunities with different animals, fun souvenir shops, and great food!  It’s also an opportunity to learn something on Spring Break without the children realizing that it’s an educational trip!  You can usually find discounted tickets for the zoo as well.  It helps if you are a member, because you don’t have to pay for the visit and you get a discount on the food and souvenirs!

If there is a community garden where you live, that is a great opportunity to show your children how fruits and vegetables are grown.  It lets them interact with nature and they learn responsibility at the same time.  Plus, weeks later they can go back and see how their garden is doing!  How neat would it be to see something growing that YOU planted and took care of?

Spring Break doesn’t always have to consist of plane trips and spending a lot of time on a beach.  You can always find a way to keep it educational yet fun at the same time for your kids!

Photo Credit:  drivemileone.com

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