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Disclosure:  I was given a sample of ENERGYbits in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.


Ever heard of  They are a sports nutrition company based out of Boston.  Their Energy Bits have a high concentration of protein which deliver an all natural steady stream of energy.  They are said to be the only protein in the world that packs in natural antioxidants, Omega 3, iron, chlorophyll and electrolytes in one single one calorie tablet.  Their ENERGYbits are an all natural food, made up a 100% organically grown spirulina algae and not a supplement.  Did you know that algae has been used by Olympic athletes for over 50 years now? is proud to bring national attention to the use of algae as a high performance snack food for active consumers and athletes.

During my review, I tested out ENERGYbits for a few days during my morning workouts.  The first day I took 30 tabs and could feel the energy boost kick in before I left the house for the gym.  Each tab is only one calorie, so only 30 calories for all that energy.  I’m not a fan of taking all those tablets, especially since I swallowed each tab separately and it took me awhile to get them all down.  But I will have to say that the tabs didn’t have a taste or smell to them and didn’t bring on a gag reflex, but it did take me awhile to get them all down before leaving the house for my workout.  The energy boost was great for my running classes, but when it came to the kickboxing class where I am constantly kicking, punching and leaning over and back up, the energy boost made me have a sense of unbalance.  For me, and my weak knee, unbalance is not good, so this was the last time I took the tabs before a workout where balance is required.  These tabs can also be taken to curb hunger, but I used all of the tabs before my workouts so I didn’t test out that feature during this review.

 This company offers different types of tabs: – EnergyBits are made of 100% spirulina algae, and are said to naturally boost mental energy, physical energy and endurance.  This product is a favorite of runners, athletes, sports teams and executives. – SkinnyBits are made of 100% spirulina algae, and are said to eliminate hunger and fatigue.  This product is also said to be a great meal replacement, healthy snack and great to use when trying to lose weight. – RecoveryBits are made of  100% Chlorella algae which naturally helps prevent colds, builds immune system and removes toxins from your body.   – ViralityBits are made up of 50% Spirulina and 50% Chlorella algae.  They are great for simplicity and longevity and provides a mix of all benefits in smaller amounts.

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