Ryan’s Roses: Men + Personal Trainers = Problem???

Do you listen to much radio in the mornings?  Have you ever caught a segment of Ryan’s Roses, with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K on KIIS – FM  Los Angeles, 102.7?  This is my favorite radio channel to listen to and love it when I catch Ryan’s Roses in the mornings.  If you are not familiar with this radio show, let me tell you a little about it.  Women call in when they are worried that their husbands / significant others are cheating on them.  Patty, who works at 102.7 calls the men in question and offers them free roses to send to anyone they would like.  The men just have to tell Patty who they’d like to send them to and also need to give her a message to include on the card.  Some men are actually caught in a lie during this show, while other’s have legitimate reasons for their actions and request to send the free flowers to their wives / girlfriends.

This morning, while on my elliptical, I caught an especially good Ryan’s Roses segment from my I Heart Radio App.  Apparently this couple both needed to lose weight / get in shape, and the woman had a friend who was a personal trainer who offered to help the couple.  The woman was too busy with their baby to start training sessions, so she insisted that her husband start training with her friend by himself.  Once he started toning up, he started spending five days a with the trainer and it upset the wife.  She asked if she could come along to the sessions and the husband said that now he would be way ahead of her fitness level and it would slow down his workouts.

So, the woman wanted her husband to tone up and once he did, do you think her request came back to bite her?  I can relate to both sides of the story.  I workout 5 days a week and don’t want to miss any of my workouts, but I would welcome my husband to join my workouts at any time if he’d like.  As far as the woman goes, I would never suggest that my husband workout with a personal trainer that I didn’t trust.  I do trust my husband and cheating would never enter my mind, but you never know what the other woman may be thinking.  I say that it is always best to be able to trust the woman involved, especially if you are the one setting up the personal training sessions.

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Roses: Men + Personal Trainers = Problem???”

  1. I was listening to this but did not get to hear what happened as I had to start work. WHAT HAPPENED? I am so curious to know and finally found this post.

    1. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’m glad you found my post. This phone call continued the next day. They called the woman back to talk to her about the situation and people called in to say if they believed the husband was cheating and most of them said yes. What do you think?

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