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I am happy to be giving away a $30 Gift Code plus free shipping to www.grandmaspureandnatural.com!  $30 can get you a great package, you could either pick and choose your own items or go for the $29.95 bath soap assortment box.  I really enjoyed reviewing their bath and body line.  They have everything from lip balm to pet soap.

grandmas soap

Above you can see the products that I was able to test out, my son took over the after workout bars of soap, but I made sure to get the lip smoother and the lotion in my purse before my kids found it.  As far as the other soap, I really like the beauty bars, but the lye soap is so soft and silky!


Above you’ll see the soap that I was given to review.  The Lye soap and the After Workout Sports Bars came in 6 oz. bars, while the Beauty bar’s came in the 4 oz. size.

Lye Soap is great for soothing dry skin and has no detergents or fragrances added.    It is made of food grade lard, water and sodium hydroxide (lye) and works well for:

  • Flaking skin
  • Eczema
  • Impetigo
  • Wrinkles
  • Head Lice
  • Bedbug Bites
  • Diabetic Sores
  • Intense Itching
  • Shingles

The After Workout Sports Bars were a bit “scratchy” for me, but my 13 year old son fell in love with them and quickly took over both of my bars.  However, there is a reasoning behind this “scratchy soap.”  The After Workout Sports Bar is made with baking soda for extra deodorizing and the baking soda gives the soap the “scratchy” feeling.  My13 year old son, on the other hand, enjoys the itch and says it feels just like someone is scratching his back for him.  He especially likes the feel of it on the bottom of his feet.  This may be an understatement because I just can’t tell you how many times he’s told me how great this soap feels on the bottom of his feet.  My boys take our reviews seriously and he told me to mention that when you wash the bottoms of your feet, make sure to sit in the shower first because it makes his feet very slippery.


As far as the Beauty Bars, I loved them both.  Goatsmilk bars are great for moisturizing and sensitive skin.  After using both sizes of soap bars, I found that I’d rather use the 4 oz bars than the larger 6 oz bars because they are easier to hold onto while in the shower.

Now time for the giveaway!  Make sure to bookmark it and return every day to earn extra entries by retweeting the giveaway.

Eligibility:  18 years and up, with US shipping addresses

Good luck!

37 thoughts on “#Win GrandmasPureAndNatural.com $30 Gift Code #Giveaway ENDED”

  1. I have always been partial to lavender soap scents. It’s so relaxing. I see that they do carry a lavender=mint. I think I would like that!

  2. One of my favorites would definitely be the Georgia Peach, but I think I would also like the Pumpkin Spice. They sound really nice. Thank you for the chance.

  3. I love honey suckle. I would also like to try the harvest peach, my current body wash is peach scented, and I love it.

  4. I think my favorite soap scent would be the Sandalwood Vanilla. So earthy and seductive, and my husband would love it too!

  5. I would like to try the Lemongrass soap or the Christmas Cookie one; I love lemongrass and I love cookies, so why not have a soap that smells like it?

  6. I’m so curious as to what the Frankincense and Myrrh would smell like! I’m going to pick that as my favorite.

  7. I like Lavender scented soaps but I also like Vanilla as well. The Shampoo/Shave Bar looks interesting.

  8. Besides wanting the lye soap for my eczema I would love to try the Beauty Bar W/Goat’s Milk – Oatmeal Lavender scent.

  9. I’ve been using the original Lye Soap for years. Perfect for me since I’m fragrance sensitive. Also, the Baking Soda (no fragrance) bar is terrific, too. I need to try the lip balm.

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