#Galveston Island Texas Afternoon Trip

This past weekend, we took a trip to Galveston Island, Texas.  It is like a different world down there, one minute you are on the interstate and the next, you’ve hit a beach town full of tourists.  The waves and wind are high, the breeze is cool and there are beach shops and restaurants scattered throughout the town.  Since we are trying to watch our food intake, we tried to focus on the shops and not on all the restaurants that seemed to be calling our name as we drove by.  The weather did not make me want to walk on the beach, or feel the need to see how cool the water was because it was rainy and in my book, it was just too cool for that.  On the other hand, there were people swimming, surfing and talking walks on the beach in the rain.  If we drove a long way to get there, maybe, but because it is a short trip for us, we are waiting until the weather is nicer before we head down to the beach.

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Here’s a shot that we took from the car.  Many people had rented these pedal cars and they were moving VERY slow.  Then when they came head on with walkers, they had a hard time steering around them.  This looks like one of those things that looked much more fun that it actually is once you get inside.  If you’re in it for the exercise, that’s great, but if you are in it for an easy going ride along Galveston Beach, this  may not be for you.

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You can always feel the wind coming off Galveston Beach and it makes those huge kites look so appealing.  My kids always want to buy one to take home, but the sad thing about these kites is that we don’t have the wind to fly them at home, only when we make a trip to Galveston Beach in order to fly one.  This is something that we plan on doing this summer, but until then, we just need to stay out of the kite shops.

Do you have a quick get away town near you?  If so, plan to check it out soon.  It is always great to know about places such as this that are nearby.  You never know when company is going to drop in on you.  Sometimes you need a quick go-to activity and for us, Galveston Island is on our list.

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