Hamster Bathtub Training Is A MUST

Bobby hamster tub

Meet my seven year old son, Bobby and his hamster Stripe.  They got to meet each other between the walls of the bathtub!  Now, after many hours of training, Stripe and Bobby are best buds!  Stripe is a teddy bear hamster and loves to run in her ball, exercise on her wheel and eat fruit treats.


Hamsters are great pets but require responsibility and much attention.  The fun part about owning a hamster is being able to take them out and play with them.  If hamsters are not worked with when they come into your home, then will become very wild and may not be too friendly.  Bobby brought his classroom hamster home for the weekend and since the hamster wasn’t handled on a regular basis, he was very hard for me to catch in order to place inside his ball.  If he would’ve gotten loose in our home, I don’t know how we would have caught him.  Bobby’s hamster got out the other day and all I could think about was whether or not the dog was inside the house at the time.  As I was telling Bobby what to do in order to help me find his hamster Stripe, I turned around and there she was, just sitting in the corner of his room watching us.  It was such a good feeling to know that she would stay there and allow me to pick her up and place her back into her cage.

If you are thinking of bringing a hamster into your home, be sure to ask the pet store about bathtub training time.  We were told to get inside the bathtub for an hour each day for 6 days after the hamster had been in her new environment for at least 48 hours.  Bobby was a little scared that she would bite him at first, but after awhile, both Bobby and the hamster relaxed.  Now Bobby can walk around the house with her in his hand and can even place her beside him on the couch without worrying about her running away.

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