Annoyed Neighbor Complains About Dog Barking

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I have a medium sized dog who stays outdoors most of the day.  We live on a greenbelt where many families walk, teenagers chase each other and squirrels & deer play.  With that being said, there is a lot for my dog Dakota to watch.  We have a pool in our backyard and a see through wrought iron fence between our yard and the high traffic greenbelt.  I want the people in the greenbelt to know that Dakota is protecting my yard and to not get any ideas of jumping the fence and enjoying our pool at night or while we are gone from the house. There are many kids that hang out in the greenbelt and I would feel horrible if something like that were to happen and someone were to drown in our unattended pool.  For this reason, I allow Dakota to bark when necessary to say “Stay clear, this is my territory.”

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As for night time, I do not allow her to bark.  I do not want to disturb the neighbors or wake anyone up.  When she begins to bark, she is immediately brought inside and not allowed back out if she continues to bark.  A few weekends ago, I was outside washing the car in the middle of the day and had something greasy smear across the white car.  I was getting very aggravated with the fact that with each cleaning attempt, I only managed to make the smear grow larger.  Dakota was barking at something in the woods and I was just trying to get the car cleaned before my husband got home so that I could surprise him with a clean car instead of one with a giant smear across the roof.

As soon as I managed to get the smear cleaned up, I took Dakota in the house and we headed upstairs.  Then I heard a knock at the door.  An older lady who lived a few doors down the street was on my front porch.  I opened the door slowly so that I could get outside to speak with her without letting Dakota sneak out the door behind me.  The first words that left her mouth were, “I came down here to see if you knew that your dog was barking.  I am having a backyard get together and her barking is annoying my guests.”  Well, evidently I knew that my dog was barking because she was now in the house with me and no longer barking.

I tried to be nice, but went on to tell her that I was aggravated with the car and short on time.  I knew the dog was barking and I didn’t stop washing the car in order to get her quiet.  It was in the middle of the day and I was sorry that her company was irritated.  Just what did she think she was going to do if she came over to tell me that and I wasn’t home?  How did she plan on stopping the dog from barking then?

I felt like telling her that if her guests didn’t like outdoor noises then maybe she should move the party inside.  I know that dog barking can be annoying, but come on!  Get a life neighbor, go drink your wine and gossip with your friends.

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