Don’t Forget Grandma On Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just a few days away.  Did you remember to include Grandma as well?  That is one thing that my mother always did that I can remember from my childhood about Mother’s Day.  She always made sure to send cards to all the Grandma’s and Great Grandma’s in our family.  She passed away when I was 17 and every year on Mother’s Day, I remember this and make sure to send out “Grandma cards.”  I made the card above on the website and was able to have it shipped directly to Grandma without needing to sift through tons of cards at the store.  I was even able to personalize the inside and add in a picture of the kids.  Grandma likes these cards, but she always says that she’d prefer to have the boys sign the card instead the customized signatures that come with it when it is shipped directly to her.  Well surprise Grandma, I messed up the order this year and the card came to me instead of to you, so this year you’re getting personalized signatures!

Looking back on Mother’s Day, I remember the gifts that we used to choose for mom.  Each year we bought her something that could be replanted outside in our yard.  The last Mother’s Day that we spent with her, my sister and I bought her colorful snowball bushes.  I was 17 and my sister was 12 and we decided to plant them ourselves.  That was a great gesture, but the Snowball bushes probably would have been better off if we had let someone else help us with that project, but they made it.  She loved these bushes and it made us feel so good about the gift we selected for her.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I miss you!

What kind of plans do you have for Mother’s Day.  Did you remember to include Grandma?  

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Grandma On Mother’s Day”

  1. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day today. Your mom gave you a wonderful tradition to pass down to your kids. Love the card you made. I am so sorry that you lost her to cancer. Thank you for stopping over on Instagram!

    1. So nice to meet you Lisa. I love Instagram! Enjoy the day with your family and keep your memories with your mother close to your heart.

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