I Give Therafit Sandals A Thumb’s UP!

This review is brought to you by BlogWithMom & Therafit Shoes. I was given a pair of Therafit Dark Brown Venice Sandals from their Summer Collection to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine.

First of all, I must start this review off by telling you that I am VERY particular with the shoes that I wear.  I had major knee surgery two years ago and it is very important that I wear quality shoes to protect my knees.  With this being said, I reviewed Therafit’s sneakers last year and became a die hard Therafit fan!  When I was asked to review the Therafit Summer Collection, I couldn’t wait, so I made my choice and decided on the Dark Brown Venice Sandals.  Notice the long rubber piece laying on top of the shoe box above?  There are three of those personal comfort adapters in their shoes that allow you to adjust the way the shoes feel.  I prefer to keep all three inserts in my Therafit shoes, but being able to remove them and personally adjust your comfort level is a great feature.  I love the added “bounce” that they shoes give me, just enough to protect my knee and make every step as comfortable as possible.
When I get new sandals, I usually have to break them in, but these shoes felt good on my feet from the very minute I removed them from their Therafit box.  No blisters, no sore feet, nothing, just compliments from my friends and neighbors.  Dr. Lisa Masterson definitely knew what she was doing when she designed these shoes!  Thank you Dr. Lisa!  Sometimes it is hard to find “cute shoes” that offer the support and bounce that I need.

When ordering your Therafit shoes, be sure and go by their shoe fitting guide.  I wear a size 10 when I shop locally, but when I buy Therafit shoes, I need to go with an 11.

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16 thoughts on “I Give Therafit Sandals A Thumb’s UP!”

  1. I have bad feet and wear flat sandals only during the summer. I have to buy expensive ones! I am not comfortable wearing the thong type as pictured above but I am going to go in and see if there are any that I could wear!

  2. I am very picky about shoes, too! I want style AND comfort. Looks like these may just tick all the boxes!

  3. I would give this sandal a thumbs up too! It looks good on you and truly perfect for summer. Let the feet breathe.

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