Hamsters Are SO Smart!


Stripe standing

Meet Stripe, I love her to death, but this little hamster is wearing me out!  Each day I check in on her and last night I didn’t see her when I looked over at her cage.  All her doors were still locked, but she wasn’t there.  I was afraid that I was going to find her dead underneath her cage bedding, but nope!  Then I realized that the extra insert on the top of her cage was missing.  I looked down, and it had fallen behind the dresser that her cage sits on.  She had stood up, eaten the bottom of the insert, unscrewed it from the cage and pulled herself out in order to make her escape!

hamster cage eaten1

The first thing we did was to find the dog and get her out of the house.  Bobby was panicked and I was fearing the worst.  How long had she been out of her cage and how long had our dog Dakota been alone upstairs with her?  Once the dog was outside, we all ran around the upstairs calling for this hamster and here she comes, running out of my bedroom and into the hall.  Once we got her back into her cage, I had to do some quick thinking because it was almost 10:30 p.m. and Bobby, age 7, really needed to get to bed.

So, I headed downstairs to find the tape.

hamster cage tape

As of this afternoon, Stripe is still in her cage, but I am sure she’s busy dreaming up her next escape plan.  The last time she got away, she made it into Bobby’s bedroom wall!  Bobby believes that Dakota and Stripe are friends, but I don’t buy that at all.  Stripe has been lucky so far that she has not met face to face with Dakota on one of her hamster break outs.

Dakota and Stripe

Does Dakota, our dog, look like she wants to be friends?  This cage is cute, but it looks like it is time for us to go another direction.  Looks like the cutest hamster cages aren’t always the best options when it comes to keeping your hamsters inside.

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  1. I cannot stop laughing after reading this post. How sweet and cute. The poor thing wanted to go exploring. I agree, I do not think that are friends but I do think that they want to be. This post made my day! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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