Herotopia Online Game For Kids #Giveaway ENDED

I received a 12 Month Subscription code to Herotopia.com to use in facilitating this review.  My opinions were not swayed by this subscription gift.


Herotopia is a fun and safe online game for your children.  They get to create their own character (down to their eye color!) and become their very own superhero.  Your children can create their own secret hideout and customize it just the way they want it.  They can also participate in “power puzzles,” fun educational games to play!  The games include multiplication, missing numbers, etc.

There is a chat feature where you can interact with other characters, play card games with them, head to their secret hideout, etc.  Everything is monitored so it is 100% safe, plus parents should always be next to their children when they are doing anything online.


Becoming a member is optional, but definitely recommended!  As a member, your child can do so much more on the site.  They are able to decorate their hideout, explore different worlds for members only, have cool sidekicks, collect gifts, get superpowers and super vehicles, go on educational missions and earn rewards, etc.  This site would be the perfect learning tool for over the summer in between school years.  You can give your child a time limit (maybe an hour per day) to play on Herotopia and practice their navigational skills as well as math and other school subjects!

There are 4 different memberships: Free, 1 month ($5.95 plus 1,000 new member points), 6 months ($29.95 plus 5,000 new member points), and 12 months ($49.95 plus 10,000 new member points).

Herotopia has launched their “Design a Smighty” contest which will run until June 19th, 2014.  Prizes and details can be found below:

Design a Smighty Contest Prizes:
1st Place Winner = 1 lucky winner will receive a 12 month All Access Membership to Herotopia, PLUS their Smighty will be added to the game
2nd Place Winner = 3 lucky winners will receive a 6 month All Access Membership to Herotopia
All entrants will receive a Floopy Topiary for their Hideout!

Design a Smighty Contest Rules:
Ask your parents/guardians for permission to enter.
There’s no limit to how many Smighties you can design.

June 19, 2014 is the contest deadline and winners will be announced on June 21, 2014.

Here is a code for a special character Item that can be redeemed on Herotopia.com:  4BJFHN (It’s a Niles Smighty Hat)

Even better, Herotopia.com is offering a 6 month membership to one lucky winner.  Make sure to enter their giveaway, you can’t win if you don’t enter!  

6 thoughts on “Herotopia Online Game For Kids #Giveaway ENDED”

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  2. My children play online games very often, on computers and tablets. They really love Minecraft and Reading Eggs these days!

    1. Good Luck, there have many days of Reading Eggs and Minecraft around my home as well. Make sure to check out what Herotopia has to offer. Have a great day!

  3. It does sounds like a wonderful online environment for kids to spend time at . Would be nice if there was a resource for all the recommended and approved online kids gaming websites.

  4. My two nephews are always playing games online. They bring their electronics with them anytime we go somewhere and it keeps them occupied. I am not sure of the exact names of the games they play, but I know that they play a farm game, and some kind of super hero game.

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