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When you are having fun at the beach, do you always make sure to take time to apply the proper amount of sunblock on everyone?  People that spend a lot of time in the sun are at high risk of developing skin cancer and other health problems.  The sun’s intense radiation consists of electromagnetic waves that are part of the Ultraviolet spectrum, which is not visible by the naked human eye. This intense radiation can damage skin cells and even the eyes.   Do you protect your family from the sun?

Fortunately, there are ways that people can protect themselves from the blistering conditions of the sun.  Sun screen is the most effective solution against solar radiation.  When considering sun screen, it is important to understand the SPF, the Sun Protection Factor.  Sun screen packages are often labeled with SPF ratings that range between 15 and 100. However, the truth is that it may be impossible to have an SPF rating of 70, which is usually the maximum protection available.

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The SPF number indicates how well the sun screen protects the skin against Ultraviolet B radiation that are coming from solar radiation.  A 15 SPF is the smallest rating that is available for sun screen products on today’s market.  Sun screens are designed to prevent the reddening and burning of sensitive skin for a maximum amount of time.  For example, a sun screen with 30 SPF may last for about two hours in moderate conditions.  On a clear day with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, that same sun screen may only be effective for an hour.  Sun screen products are available in traditional aerosol style cans that are sprayed.  There are also lotions that could be rubbed onto the skin.  Additionally, lip balm with sun protection is also available on the market.

When going to the beach, people of all ages are advised to use sun screen throughout the duration of the visit.  The sun is a major hazardous factor in plenty of other settings besides the beach.  Snowy terrains such as ski slopes may reflect dangerous concentrations of sun rays directly into the eyes of people.  Therefore, protective goggles with polarized lenses must be worn at all times when skiing in sunny conditions.  Additionally, skiing enthusiasts may want to apply sun screen to their faces.

It is easy to shop for the right type of sun screen online.  In fact, lotions and sprays could be bought in bulk in order to accommodate group trips to remote destinations that are notorious for being very hot such as in South America and southwest United States.

Are you stocked up with Sun Screen at your house?  If so, what is your favorite kind between the lotions and sprays?

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