Prepare Before Attempting Passport Paperwork

I have never had a reason to get a passport, but my husband has a book signing scheduled for An Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom which is in Canada and I have to be sure that I can go!  Since school is almost out for the Summer, I wanted to get the passport paperwork done as soon as possible so I decided to work on this today.  I looked up all the information that I needed and printed out the forms so that I could fill everything out before leaving the house.  I looked up the times that passport photos were taken and left the house so that I could be the first in line.  I was shocked when I got there just a few minutes early to find the following sign on the counter:

photo 1 (69)

I noticed one couple standing in the corner waiting to have their pictures taken so I figure that I was in luck.  No such luck, the post office told me that I would have to make an appointment for a later date.  I asked for another post office location and they said that the passport appointment rule went for all the area post offices.  They saw that I was upset so they gave me the phone number and address for the local tax office where they accepted walk-ins.

Passport line

Here I am, in the back of the line, watching my clock because I had to park in a 30 minute only parking spot.  Since I had parked right in front of the police station, I didn’t want to chance it, but the odds of getting to the front of the line before my 30 minutes was up was VERY unlikely!  Unfortunately, the line was shut down for lunch before I could even move  from my spot in line.  So now, I was directed to yet another tax department and this one was in the next town over.

photo 3 (49)

Here’s the sign that greeted me in the Passport office after I had been sent through the metal detector.  There were no people in line!  I thought I had come to the wrong place, this was perfect!  They were so nice and so quick!  I wish I had went to Conroe, Texas  in the first place, that would have saved me two hours of stress.   So if you live in a large town and there is a small town nearby, I’d suggest starting out at the small town Passport Office instead of tackling the larger town’s Passport Offices.

photo 4 (29)

Above is a picture of Conroe, where I ended up getting my passport paperwork filed in the wink of an eye.  Thank you Conroe, so glad you could help me today!

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