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Will your children be attending Summer camps?  If so, I’d recommend signing up early to ensure that you get accepted before the sign ups fill up.  Both my boys have camps that they’d like to attend, so this week I am working on a camp schedule.  I have printed out all the flyers and am using a calendar to schedule everything before officially signing up.

My oldest is trying to fit in as many basketball camps as he can, while my youngest is trying to get in on the flag football action.  Each camp runs different times and on different dates.  Since I am the sole “camp taxi” I have to make sure that I can drive the kids to their camps and also pick them up at the right times.  My kids are six years apart, so this makes camp scheduling even trickier.  Since they are so far apart in age, their camp dates and locations are never the same even though the camps are sponsored by the same organization.

Since Travis is 14, it is alright if I have to drop him off a little early or need to pick him up a little late, but I have to make sure to get the 8 year old to camp on time and also be able to be there to pick him up a few minutes early.  If you feel uneasy leaving your child at camp at this age, make sure and arrange for a friend to also attend the camp as well.  This makes for a great carpool and you’ll be able to rest knowing that your child won’t be alone while away at camp.  The kids in my son’s first grade class are already trying to coordinate with each other so they can sign up for the same flag football camps.

Did you attend camp as a child?  Do you remember having as many camp choices then as our children have now?

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