Runaway Bounce House: 3 NY Children Hurt

Are you planning on attending an upcoming birthday party where there will be a bounce house?  I happened to catch this story on the news this morning and want to insist that you take a few minutes out to watch the following video clip.  It will definitely make you stop and think  before planing a bouncy house summer party for your child.

You can find more information about this news story on the following sites that I visited this morning:

Here’s a picture that I found on the USA Today website below, can you imagine seeing this in your town?


Three children in upstate New York were injured from this fall, ages 5, 6 and 10.  One fell on a parked car, another onto the street and the other was tossed from the bounce house and suffered minor injuries.  Look how high the winds carried that bounce house.  The South Glens Falls Police Department reported that the bounce house reached heights between fifteen and twenty feet high.  The reports said that the bounce house had been staked down with plastic stakes, but they weren’t a match to the New York winds.

It is horrible to hear of the numerous injuries that have happened with bounce houses, because kids love these inflatables so much.  Our neighbor has an inflatable that they blow up every now and then for the neighborhood kids and everyone has a blast.  I never dreamed that it could become unstaked and blow into the street.  What if it blew into their pool and children drowned because they were trapped underneath the inflatable?  This definitely has me thinking and I will be sure to have a look at the bouncy house and the weather conditions the next time my son is invited over to jump.

Have you seen children jumping on one of these inflatables lately?  Did seeing them jumping bring about fear of injury or a smile on your face as you watched everyone having so much fun?




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