Stop That Hamster!


Stripe, the hamster, decided to do a little exploring upstairs last night.  I had placed her in her ball while I fixed her hamster wheel then forgot about her.  I left the bedroom door open and ran downstairs.  Stripe was alone in her ball with the whole upstairs to explore. Later that night, my husband went on up to bed while the kids and I finished up the movie we were watching downstairs.  All of the sudden I heard my husband yelling about the hamster.  I quickly ran upstairs to see my husband catch the hamster on the second step with his foot.  Now, this was a big deal considering that my husband has a broken foot and didn’t have his boot on at the time.  He had to move real fast in order to save Stripe from rolling down our winding steps.


Stripe was safe and I put her back in her cage.  I can’t believe that I forgot about her.  I always place her in the ball downstairs but this time, I thought I’d save a little time and put her back in her cage when I was finished….oooops!  Lesson learned, only place the hamster in the ball downstairs.  Never place a hamster in a rolling hamster ball if you are located upstairs where she can get down the steps!  I was lucky that my husband saw her and was able to catch her before she started tumbling.

Hamsters are a lot of responsibility.  You have to keep them safe from falling down the steps, and away from other animals.  You also have to keep their cage clean and make sure that their food bowl has food and that their water is fresh.  Having a pet is a great life experience for a child, but never get your child a pet if you aren’t willing to help them take care of it.  Even though my 7 year old is willing to clean Stripe’s cage, I still have to help him in order to cut down on the mess that is made when he changes out the bedding.  I also make it a habit to check Stripe’s cage doors to make sure they are secure.

Does your child have a pet?  How much do they help out with it?

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