Tips For Cleaning Your Home before a Party

How to Clean Your Home before a Party (2)There are a lot of things to do before hosting a party at your home.  One of the most time consuming and most bothersome tasks is cleaning your home before guests arrive.  You want your home to be spotless and presentable, but you also don’t want to spend all your time in the days before the party cleaning.

It does not have to be an extremely grueling task.  There are a few tricks and tips you can use to prepare your home and make it look immaculate before your party without causing you excess stress or worry. Here are some tips for cleaning your home before your party.

Start With The Floors

People notice dirty floors more than anything else when they are in someone else’s home.  This is also the part of your home that is often the dirtiest.  Take time to deep clean your floors a few days before guests arrive.  Hire a company like Chem-Dry to deep clean your carpets.  This will save you time rather than fighting a personal carpet cleaner with long dry times.  This may seem a little excessive, but your guests will notice the difference and you will have cleaner floors after your party is over.

Focus on Rooms That Your Guests Will Be In

Unless you plan on giving extensive tours of your home to every guest, you do not need to worry about making every room spotless before your party.  Focus on your entertaining rooms, like the living room and dining room, and leave deep cleaning in your bedrooms for another time.

The bathrooms and kitchen are the most important rooms to focus on.  Having a filthy bathroom can make guests think negatively about your entire home and even your own personal hygiene.  Deep clean these rooms a few days before and do touch-up cleaning the day of and during your party.

Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

Even though your guests may not spend much time outside your home, the entrance of your home should be warm and inviting.  This means your landscaping should be well maintained and excess dirt and debris removed.  A simple trim of the grass and hedges and a quick spray with the hose to sidewalks and driveways the day before your party is all you need to freshen up this area.

If you want to take this a step further, you can use this opportunity to update your front yard, and the outside of your home. Give your home a fresh paint job, or paint the window panes or shutters for a modern look.  Have you ever thought about a backyard renovation?

Finish with Little Personal Touches

Just because you want your home to look nice for a party, does not mean that you need to take all of your personality out of it.  Many people make the mistake of making their homes look like a hotel lobby instead of a real, lived-in home.  Having personal touches will make people feel more relaxed and invited.

Leave up family photos and display family artwork and trophies. Leave out some toys for your kids to play with and other people’s kids to use during the party. These elements will make everyone feel at home and help them enjoy your party a little more.


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