You CAN Make Money Selling Products BUT…

You can make money as a product representative, consultant, advisor, etc. for companies where you purchase a start up kit and receive commissions off the sales you bring in BUT you must make sure that the products that you select are ones that “Fit” with your lifestyle, personality, etc.  For example, I tried selling Avon, and Scentsy, but these products just weren’t the right “fit” for me.

My Avon Selling Experience

When my son was three, we piled up the Avon books in our red wagon, walked our neighborhood and hung them on the doorknobs in the special Avon doorknob bags.  We got a few sales and Travis had a ball delivering everyone’s orders.  Sometimes he would even get a tip when he delivered the orders to the neighbors.  This was fun, but each time we made an order, Travis found something new in the catalog that he wanted to get.  Since we got a discount on our purchases, we ordered fun things from Avon and ended up spending more money than we ever brought in, but it was a fun experience.

Avon wasn’t the company for me, because I am not a skincare, makeup type of person.  I do use these products, but they are not products that I ever talk about.  I could have done much better with this business if I had Avon parties with makeovers, etc.  but again, this just wasn’t the right company for me to promote.


My Scentsy Selling Experience

I used to make gel candles in my home and sell them at the craft shows and this was fun, but it became a real chore.  I had candle containers, candle making supplies and a huge mess in my home.  This hobby soon became a full time job.  Before you knew it, I was renting out a small store and making candles inside so that I didn’t have to completely clean up the candle mess every day.  The store allowed me to keep all the mess out of our home, keep the strong scents from lingering through our house and also worked as a small consignment shop.  This was fun, but the cost of the store, utilities, etc. deeply cut into my profit and my 7 month old son didn’t like staying at the store with me all the time when he could be at home where all his play things were.  My husband took a new job out of state and I sold off all my materials to a lady who I trained to take over my candle making business for me.  What a relief to be out of that!  I had over $4,000.00 worth of candle making inventory in my house and she bought it all!

Here’s where Scentsy came in.  I loved candles, but didn’t want to start up a personal candle making business again, so why not become a Scentsy distributor and leave the candle making to them?  I could get a discounted rate and also have great gifts for my friends and family.  Again, this wasn’t the best fit for me.  I was new to the area, didn’t know many people and Scentsy is very hard to sell online because there is no way for them to smell the fragrances before purchasing them.

Scentsy also had some costly requirements:

  • There was a monthly fee to have a personal Scentsy website
  • Scentsy had a minimum requirement per quarter which I just couldn’t afford to keep fulfilling myself, so Scentsy had to go.  I went in the hole with it and still have TONS of Scentsy products in my home which I still use for gift giving and personal use.

spark banner

My CURRENT Selling Experience WORKS For Me:

My selling experience was well thought out and fits my lifestyle, habits, and interests very well.  I have been working out at the gym for a long time and know several people who attend my weekly fitness classes.  They are all interested in eating healthy, drinking vitamin drinks and many take supplements.  I started drinking the Spark drinks and knew that this was the perfect company for me to work with.

The Spark drinks taste great, offer mental focus and give you a little pep when you need it without any effects.  Becoming a distributor with this company was definitely the right move for me.  The start up package is under $100 and I started receiving a 20% commission and 20% discount off my personal purchases immediately after signing up.  The discount really comes in handy since I purchase many products for myself:  Spark Drinks, Meal Replacement Bars, Meal Replacement Shakes, Double Chocolate Snack Bars, Tropical flavored vitamin chews and a few supplements to help with boosting my metabolism and muscle toning.

Do you currently sell products from your home?  If so, what products did you choose to sell?  Do they fit your lifestyle and interests?


2 thoughts on “You CAN Make Money Selling Products BUT…”

  1. I am a terrible ‘seller.’ I don’t like to ask people for money. I tried ONE affiliate link on my blog and felt guilty, lol (just telling the truth here). It was the first and last, now I politely decline when offered to do affiliates. I am happy for you though, that you found your niche!! It’s awesome to find that perfect fit!!

    1. In order to make the affiliate links work, you have to write about their product over and over and over. The payouts on those links just aren’t good enough for all that extra work unless that is a topic that you write about currently and aren’t having to go out your way to write about. No need to feel guilty Rosey:)

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