2 Week FREE Trial Membership YMCA

My area YMCA will allow you to sign up for a trial membership for two weeks so that you can get a feel for their facilities and see if that is something that would benefit your family.  My kids and I took full advantage of this trial membership opportunity a few years ago because I didn’t want to sign up for a membership, pay dues and then have my family complain about the facilities.  If you would like to try out your gym, I recommend inquiring about a trial membership when you have two weeks that you know you will be available to enjoy your two week trial membership.  Hopefully your local gym facility offers trial memberships for your family.

Once you sign up for your two week membership, make sure to find out about all the group classes and facility opportunities, such as pool times, open gyms and family fitness classes.  Also, if there are multiple YMCA locations in your area, make sure to ask which locations your trial membership allows your family access.  We have three YMCA locations nearby and each of them have different opportunities.

YMCA family class

Here are a few of the benefits of each that my family enjoys:

YMCA #1 – indoor pool, childcare with rock climbing and bouncy house inside

YMCA #2 – outdoor pool with play area, including water slides, and lap pool, rock climbing area for older children/adults that is separate from the childcare room

YMCA #3 – Wilderness trails, outdoor activities for families, camp outs in tee pees and wooden cabins

My family has a YMCA family membership, although my husband doesn’t have time to fully take advantage of his membership.  The family membership allows the kids and I to have full access to childcare facilities, group classes, open gym and everything the YMCA has to offer.  If you like the facilities and you decide to chose a single membership that will cut down on your monthly fees, but no children will be allowed to come inside with you and no childcare will be available to you if you should need it.

Have fun with your trial membership and try to do a little bit of everything while you are there.  This can be a great way to treat your family to some “Free” fun!

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