Are You A #1 Mom?

window  Does your child read car window messages like above?

My seven year old son hasn’t been a fan of reading and then all of a sudden, he has decided to give in and start using his reading skills in everyday life.  He reads billboards, restaurant signs, menus, chore charts and more.  It is so great to see him realize how reading can help him in his everyday life. Sunday we were running late for church, and I needed to sit in the car and finish my makeup before we could go inside.  Bobby looked around at the cars around us in the parking lot and pointed out one that had writing on its’ windows.  He said, “Mom, look at that truck, that writing is wrong.”  I looked up to see a truck with one window that said “I love you” and another window that said “#1 Mom.”  I thought he was talking about the number sign, so I explained to him what that meant and he said “No, that is not what I am talking about.”  Their sign says #1Mom and that is wrong because you are the #1 Mom, not her!  That was such a great way to start off my day.  He probably didn’t even realize how good that made me feel.

He is such a sweet kid to think that there could only be one #1 Mom and that would be me!  Hopefully this summer will lead to a love of reading for him, now that he has found a reason for it.  If not a love, I hope this summer opens up reading success and confidence for him.  He will start second grade next year and he needs to be more open to reading before school starts.  So glad he has “turned on his reading switch.” Does your child like to read?  What age were they when they decided to join the “reading bandwagon?”   Photo Credit:

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