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Yesterday my husband was interviewed on video by Brad Ruekberg from concerning his new book, “An Average Joe’s Pursuit To Financial Freedom.”  Once Brad arrived, he began selecting the best places in our home to conduct the interview, then the lighting was brought into our home.  Above, you can see my husband Michael, Free Average Joe, sitting at the kitchen table while they set up their equipment.

video2 Michael

Here’s a shot of Brad setting up his camera in our living room.  There were lights everywhere, so my picture didn’t come out as it normally would, but you can still see Brad in action here.

You never know how loud your home is until you need everything completely quiet so that you can shoot a video.  Once we got started, our kitchen clock started chiming, the dishwasher and dryer had to shut off, upstairs doors were creaking, then the kitchen freezer’s ice maker started going through its’ cycles.  Once we had the house quiet, then the kid’s started to grow impatient with being quiet for so long.  They were going to be in the second portion of the video and couldn’t wait.  Each of them had their own thoughts about what they should wear while they were being videoed.  My eight year old even selected special elite socks and his brand new high tops.  As for the fourteen year old, he knew he feet wouldn’t show in the video, so no need to worry about anything besides his favorite dry fit shirt and his new shorts.

The video shoot went well and the kids can’t wait to see how their video appearance turns out.  Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing the video interview  in several places online once it is published.

Michael book pic

Interested in finding out more about this book?  You can check out Michael’s website at and you can also see his book listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads websites.

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