He Played Possum On Me


Since the boys are home for the summer, the list of chores has increased and now I ask that they help me with trash duty, BUT today, no one wanted to pull the trash can out to the curb.  That is because I made the mistake of telling them that I saw a dead possum in our trash can, but the joke was on me.  That possum wasn’t dead, he was in fact “playing possum” and just laid there when I found him, then crawled out once I was gone.  Going back to the beginning with this story, I took out a bag of trash a few days ago and when I opened the trash lid, I saw what was a  dead possum laying on the top of our trash.  I figured he climbed in our trash can and then couldn’t get out and then he died in the intense heat of the Texas trash can.  Well he didn’t, he just laid there while I put my bag of trash in the can and watched me.  It’s a good thing he didn’t jump out when I opened the lid or that would have been grounds for a heart attack on my end since the cans are kept in an enclosed area where I couldn’t have run away from him very quickly.

So, this morning was trash day and no one wanted to drag the can with the dead possum in it out to the curb.  We were running late as it was and I sure didn’t want to miss trash day since I had what I thought was a dead possum in my trash can.  Think of the smell that would’ve put off after baking in the sun for another week!  Before pulling out the can, I slowly opened the lid to make sure the possum wasn’t going to fall out on me once I started pulling the can out and…….he was gone!  I”m glad he got out, but can’t believe he was alive when I was fiddling in the trash can like that, thank goodness he believed in “playing possum” earlier this week!  Our family has had too many possum run-ins, including the one in our pool, but at least this one was in my trash can and not like the one that decided to hang out in my kitchen wall!

Have you found any animals in your trash cans?  If so, did they jump out when you opened the lid or did they “play possum?”

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