I Stay Out Of Galveston Beach Waters

We live close enough to Galveston Beach that we can leave early in the morning and make a day out of it.  It would be great to get a hotel and spend the weekend, but to cut down on costs, we bite the bullet and drive back home on the same day.  There are many fun Surf shops to visit , restaurants and of course, the beach.  The Galveston Beach isn’t as clean as the Florida beaches I remember vacationing at as a young adult, but you still have the smell of the beach, the oceanside views and the raised wind level.

I like to walk the Galveston Beach with my feet in the water and lay on the beach and watch the kids build sandcastles, but I do NOT want our family to swim.  On the bright side, no one in our family wants to swim except for the youngest, because there is a lot of moss like debris in the water and it is a little spooky when it is hitting you in the leg while you are wading out in the water.  The eight year old could care less about the mossy water, he just wants to have fun!  Since we have lived in this area, I have heard SO many news stories about shark attacks and I don’t trust the Galveston Beach waters.  Just this month, there was a 14 year old girl that was bitten by a Galveston shark, luckily she made it out of the water to tell her story:

This fourteen year old was bitten in waist deep water, imagine what could’ve happened if this would have happened to a smaller child.  This is all the more reason for my family to keep on enjoying the sandcastles and to stay out of the murky seaweed Galveston Beach water.

Do you have a near beach?  Are there many shark attacks? Do you feel safe taking your family in the water?

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