June: Big Birthday Month For Our Family

Bobby bday

The boys both had their birthdays over the last two weeks.  Bobby just turned eight and invited his friends to the Trampoline place.  Everyone had a blast and jumped for two hours straight.  We could either take the birthday package with an hour jump time and 40 minutes in the party room with pizza and cake or we could jump our hearts out for two hours.  We decided that jumping was just more important than a party room, so the kids jumped for two hours and then we headed home for a family supper and birthday cake.  Bobby chose his birthday cake:  Blue cake with neon pink icing and sprinkles.  That was perfect with the vanilla ice cream.  The cake even turned purple where the pink icing and the aqua blue cake touched.  This was the perfect color combination for a fun birthday cake for him.

travis b-day

Travis turned fourteen and chose a cookie cake.  He eats, breathes and sleeps basketball, and calls himself  “Balla,” so I had the cake say:  “Happy Birthday Balla.”  He had just as much fun placing, lighting and blowing out the candles as he did eating his cookie cake.  Since he is older, he didn’t have a large party planned.  He wanted a day of shopping for the perfect pair of basketball shoes instead, so we ate a special lunch at his favorite pizza place and headed to Houston to a few of the larger shoe stores.  Once we had the shoes and the matching elite socks, it was time to head to the court to try out his new “kicks.”

Do you have any family birthday coming up soon?  What kind of activities do you have planned?


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