Kids Pool Party Ideas and Tips

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Kids Pool Party Ideas and Tips

What kid doesn’t look forward to the words, “pool party?” If you plan to host your son or daughter’s pool party this season, here are a few tips for creating a memorable pool party, including age-appropriate activities that will provide an enjoyable and relaxing day for all. Keep in mind, this is just a sampling. Here are even more pool party ideas!

Pick a Theme

Big-box retailers and neighborhood dollar stores carry plenty of choices that revolve around popular movies and characters, animals, hobbies and more.  Matching plastic tablecloths, cups, plates and utensils can tie everything together.

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My son loves football and also found the Jack Sparrow party decor appealing, so we used both!  We wrapped Hershey’s candy bars with personalized candy bar wrappers and the kids were so excited about taking home the football candy bars and Jack Sparrow goody bags.

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Summer pool parties can be SUPER hot in Texas, so don’t forget the cold drinks.  The kids had a blast selecting their drinks from this football ice chest show above.


Make your own inexpensive invites using pool-themed images from clip art databases on your computer or online. Add a page border and fancy lettering to customize the invitations with colors and symbols or, use a free invite creation website like

Pool Party Favors

Neighborhood dollar stores are great places to find pool-themed party favors, including beach balls, blow-up rafts and floating toys, which provide a toy for everyone to use in the pool and then take home.


Kids are sponges, and they will soak up as much pool time as you’ll allow. Here are some fun activities for both in the pool and poolside, to sprinkle in throughout the day.  You can even play a fun water game with toilet paper, spray bottles and tape.

1. Chalk outlines (younger children)

Get a big bin of sidewalk chalk (extra thick so it’s easy to hold by little hands) and have guests pick a partner and take turns laying down around the pool deck and tracing their bodies. Kids can spend a few minutes adding on and coloring in bathing suits, swim goggles, flippers, etc., giving them a little time to focus inward and recharge the batteries.

2. Musical towels (all ages)

Instead of chairs, have each child fold his or her beach town in half and place towels in a circle on the lawn, beginning with one towel less than the total number of kids. Each time the music stops, kids collapse on the nearest towel to them. The last child left gets to be the first one back in the pool!

3. Rubber Ducky Race (all ages)

Each child has his or her own rubber ducky and must dog-paddle across the length of the pool pushing the rubber ducky with his or her nose only. Guests can go two at a time while others watch; winners then race against winners (again, two at a time) until a final winner prevails.

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Healthy Food That’s Fun and Easy!

Try these food tips for nutritious party food that’s both fun to look at and eat:

  • Watermelon Tubs: Slice a watermelon in half lengthwise. Empty contents of both halves and cut into bite size pieces. Add cut up pieces of cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries and fill both halves of watermelon. Add a dipping sauce on the side made up of vanilla yogurt and cinnamon.
  • Decorate-your-own-pizza: Use long French bread loaves sliced lengthwise, and then in half. Put out an assortment of kid-friendly toppings. Each guest can decorate his or her own and then up to about a dozen (using two racks) can be popped into the oven at the same time for 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Smoothies: Have a blender station outside on the patio and help kids concoct customized smoothies. Offer an assortment of frozen and fresh fruit, yogurt, cocoa powder, peanut butter and even crushed cookies. Serve in inexpensive plastic cups with screw on lids and straws (party favor idea!) for each guest.

Must-Haves for Any Pool Party

  • Poolside first-aid kit
  • Exterior cordless phone or cell phone in case of emergency
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra towels

Remember, have pool, will party!

Becky Flanigan writes for An Apple Per Day, and her areas of expertise are kids and parenting, exercise and health. She is avid about her workouts, which have ranged from aqua jogging to marathon training. She and her husband Ed also enjoy entertaining, and taking vacations with their 3 kids.

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