Nutritional Bars For Breakfast:

I was given a large box of nutritional bars from Clif to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. photo 1 (72)I am a HUGE fan of Clif bar products and couldn’t wait to test out all the different flavors.  My 14 year old son eats the full size White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bars and I like to eat the kid sized ZBar Clif Kid as snacks, but I was particularly interested in trying the different Luna Bar flavors. sent me over the Luna Protein Bars and the  regular Luna Bars along with a few of their Clif Mojo Bars.  After testing out the different flavors from my Clif Bar Stash, I honestly can say that I didn’t find a flavor that I didn’t like!  Keep in mind, I am a HUGE fan of nutritional bars and eat them on a daily basis.  Some people don’t find protein bars as tasty as I do, but once you get accustomed to eating them, you won’t ever go back! photo 2 (74)   Every single morning I eat a nutritional bar for breakfast whether it is a protein bar, a meal replacement bar or another kind of low calorie nutritional bar.  It satisfies my morning craving for something sweet and keeps me going until lunch time.  Eating this type of breakfast makes it easy for me to get started on my morning online work without the mess or hassle of making breakfast and it also allows me to eat a nutritional low calorie meal in order to save my calories for other snacks or meals that I may eat throughout the rest of my day.  Nutritional bars are also great to keep in your car, gym bag and purse for those times that you need food now.  Having something readily available will keep you from picking up high calorie food in the drive thru’s or making a mad dash for something at the gas station.  Just make sure that you chose the bars that are least likely to melt when it is hot outside.  Melted, running protein bars are never a good choice while driving down the road. Did you know that Luna bars are made especially for women.  They contain just the right vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy.  They are even 70% organic.  Check out the store locator and find some near you and pick one up, you never know, you may just find a new “favorite” snack!

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