Ryan Buys The 4 Wheeler!

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We have had our 4 Wheeler listed for sale on a local website for awhile now and got a few calls about it, but nothing promising, until last night.  I received an email asking for additional pictures and more information.  The guy and I emailed back and forth for some time until he said, “My dad is going to look around a little harder then I’ll get back to you.”  This is when I realized that I hadn’t been dealing with an adult and that this kid was really excited about the possibility of purchasing our 4 Wheeler.  I figured he was about “high school age” and his dad was letting him make the deal while watching out for him from behind.

Later that night “Ryan” emailed me back to let me know that he would get back to me as quickly as he could about the possibility of the purchase and I told him that I would keep an eye out for his email.  Today he wrote again to tell me that he had been saving money for quite sometime and that no one would lend him anymore.  We were asking $3100 and he only had $2900 available.  I really wanted to help this boy out since he was so excited and I was truly ready to get this moved out of my garage so we agreed.  We told him that if he brought $2900 cash, the 4 Wheeler was his if he was interested.

This afternoon, I received a phone call from Ryan letting me know that they were on the way to check out our 4 Wheeler.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard his voice, I had expected a high schooler and instead “Ryan” sounded as if he were ten or so.  Sure enough, the truck pulled up and out jumped Ryan.  He couldn’t have been much older than ten.  He knew all about the 4 Wheeler.  He hopped on, took it for a test drive, had his father approve it and passed over $2900 in cash – unbelievable!

I am thrilled to have sold our 4 Wheeler, but even more happy to know that Ryan is so happy right now with his purchase.  His father and brother told us how he’d been working so hard to earn that money and I am proud of him.  Way to go Ryan, stay safe and enjoy your 4 Wheeler!



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