Sponsored Video: Fifth Third Bank

This post has been sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, and all opinions are mine.

Fifth Third Bank is expanding their services, and it’s probably the best development in banking that I have seen since online banking became available. They are offering ways to search for jobs and find one! Finding a job in this day (and economy) is not as easy as it used to be. With the job search service provided through Fifth Third Bank, there are SO many options, and your chances of finding employment are pretty great! Job Search Assistance is something we can all use, even if we are employed. Finding out how the program works is very beneficial. If you can figure out exactly what the Job Search Assistance requires, information wise, you will be more prepared to find a new job if needed, or prepared to perform your job better, knowing exactly what companies are looking for in an employee.

Katrina is an extremely employable female with great educational degrees under her belt, and she’s very focused on what she wants to do. Along with her higher education degrees, she has 18 years of experience in her field! She clearly laid out her degrees and what she hopes to do with her future job. By listing these up front, it will be easier for her to find a job that is as close to her dream job as possible. I believe this will bring new customers to Fifth Third Bank just because they seem to be more reliable and interested in helping out their customers since starting this program. This is the first bank I have heard of that is offering this service. I would like to know if they offer this service to those who do not bank with them. I would also like to see statistics for how successful the program is and which job fields hired those who used the service. Overall I am very excited about this, and I look forward to reading  more into it!

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